Wade was a player on the Tabletop Champions podcast in season one, when he played the Tiefling fire sorcerer Devin Silverton. Wade was on the show for episodes 000 - 032, though Devin made another appearance as an NPC later045, similar to Nightbreeze.

On the show, Wade often displayed a contrarian playing style. Some of his running gags were breaking the patterns during the opening quotes at the top of the show; while at the end he would mysteriously hint at his twitter handle, though he never actually disclosed what it was.

His character Devin Silverton was often going against the grain in-game as well, for example he tried raising a personal army of goblins023, and purposefully shunned the funeral of Paeris017. His decision to take the goblin Choo as his ward produced an early iconic NPC for the show.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Devin, "I have two shirts on, thank you very much!"
Torrin, "Alright, well, I can still see your nipples, and it’s bothering me."

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