• Baron Count Providence

    Greetings and salutations!

    Over on fandom's community help pages, a recent blog post about Best Practices for wikis offered a common solution to an old problem we've had on the TTC wiki since the beginning. I'm thinking of these questions: where do Non-Player-Characters pages live? and what is the hierarchy between NPCs with different impact on the show?

    A convenient solution for these problems in wiki organization has always been a part of fandom wikis: breaking the content into subpages.

    In fact, you are reading a subpage right now. This blog lives on User_blog:Baron_Count_Providence, and this post is a subpage of that page:

    1. You're done!

    If this workflow seems intimidating, please do not feel discouraged. Take as many steps as you can, even if it's just …

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  • Baron Count Providence

    Well met, fellow scribes!

    In the year 2020, we will hopefully see the Tabletop Champions wiki significantly upgraded. In the last five years, big changes have been going on at fandom, which is the website that offers the wiki hosting service that is the home of our wiki.

    Most notably, fandom has merged with Curse LLC/gamepedia, which is a different wiki hosting service, specifically focused on games, which you might be familiar with.

    The new team behind fandom/gamepedia has set out to merge all existing wikis on both platforms, read: all existing content, into a single, updated experience. If you did not know, on the Tabletop Champions wiki we are operating within the limits of the MediaWiki engine 1.19, which is the same for all fandom wikis, and which …

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  • Baron Count Providence

    In an effort to grow more into a resource for casual visitors, the wiki now features a comprehensive episode guide for all seasons and all episodes!

    The guide collects the episode number, title, public release date, and link back to the Tabletop Champions website in one place! Naturally, it also links to existing episode pages on the wiki.

    Any user can edit season five episodes directly from the guide page. Earlier seasons are transcluded using templates, and a guide below explains how this works. Transclusion is happening to save space on the guide page.

    • In order to edit earlier seasons, first log in to your account.
    • The earlier seasons each have their own template. They are here:
      • Season 1
      • Season 2
      • Season 3
      • Season 4
    • Once you have logged in, you c…

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  • Baron Count Providence

    The wiki now features a handful of pages providing orientation to new scribes, as well as anyone interested: the community corner message, a portal for new scribes, and a big and beautiful community home, featuring highlighted articles, a job board, and ongoing research projects.

    When I first started making edits on this wiki, it was not at all obvious how things worked and what needed doing. At present, wiki related discussion still lacks a proper place. I have set out to change that:

    Registered users and anyone checking out the wiki activity will be greeted by our updated community message. In the past, it featured a long introduction, but now it simply welcomes everyone and points them to the community portal and the community home.

    The ne…

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  • Baron Count Providence

    This one's near and dear to my heart: we can now proudly announce that the wiki has grown a fanart archive worth to speak of!

    In the recent past, I have reached out to a good number of talents who share their fanart on the TTC discord server and was happily able to secure their permission to archive and use their works on this wiki.

    Three hopes go along with this big achievement: to create an archive of fanart that is more permanent than Discord chat history or twitter feeds, and to make the art more accessible to people who do not communicate closely with the show creators on a regular basis.

    The final hope has already come true: to enhance our wiki visually. And boy, are we pretty these days!

    Fanart can now be archived and used with ease:

    1. The home …

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