Torrin is a Dragonborn fighter played by Kyle in season one.

He is a beefy looking Dragonborn with greenish-blue scales and dark blue eyes. He has difficulty with people skills and loathes goblins. Having been one himself, Torrin is very much against slavery.

Plate mail adorns his body protecting him from all but the harshest of blows. A large axe is his weapon of choice and he can always be seen with one at all times. He also carries around a magical jug of ale and has a tendency for heavy drinking.



Torrin is an escaped slave from the city of Yenpool. He lived as an outcast in the woods for a good portion of his life.

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Season OneEdit

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A digital rendering of Torrin from Skyrim

Torrin and Stark are the only surving members of the Chosen Five who face Torog at the end of season one047, which eradicates the timeline known as the Pre-Crystal Era.

At the beginning of the Crystal Era, as his reward he is allowed to re-open a tavern, once again starting the Tchochkie's franchise in Stebrook, where he lives out his days and raises his daughter Mercy048.

After his passing, Torrin is elevated to a demi-god, possibly into the celestial planeresearch needed.

Season TwoEdit

The player characters go to a Tchochkie's tavern in Stebrook to celebrate with Leena and Gavin in this seasonresearch needed.

Season ThreeEdit

Torrin is among the heroes who fell from the sky during the ultimate battle with Alenia in the conclusion of season three. After the battle, he ventures into the unknown on his own143.

Season FiveEdit

The fate of Torrin is mysterious. Unlike the other heroes who fell from the sky, he does not resurface during the 25 years between season three and season five.

Raquel Underscotch finds and steals a deed to a Tchochkie's franchise in Trenton signed by Torrin from NPCs#Maxwell Wellington in episode 200.

Special Items Edit

  • Cursed axe
  • Jeweled crown
  • Magical jug of booze


Torrin was considered retired at two times, and his current status is unknown.

  • He lived out his days after the conclusion of season one, and was elevated to the celestial plane as a demi-god after his passingresearch needed.
  • After he fell from the sky to help battle Alenia, he ventured into the unknown by himself.

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