The hags' grimoire is a mysterious tome used by the hags Granny Zella and Auntie Milldread in episode 187. When the adventurers in season five confront the hags in their secret hideout in the woods, the fiends make a magical escape and leave their grimoire behind. The book is found by Clover Blossom, along with an arcane silver disc. Clover learns much more about the true nature of both items in episode 190.


The hags have used this tome as their shared journal, notebook, spell and invocation record. It is written entirely in Primordial, the language of Elementals, and first deciphered by Fanel and Raquel Underscotch.

They report the following contents190:

  • A full meat pie recipe whith magical incantations which the hags call "Dream Pie" and likely cooked with Drow meat. When Throden Sariv tried a bite, he became relaxed and incapacitated187.
  • A record of the hags' search for a third sister to complete their coven, ending with: "He has taken them. He has killed them. We need the third sister to be stronger again."
  • A full page solely dedicated to the ornate spelling of a single name: Kri’zakth.
  • A record of events relating to the emergence of "The One God" in Irulan.
    • He seems to have turned the Drow away from Lolth and secured their worship for himself.
    • He has control of a cult to do his bidding. The members are crazed and extremely dangerous.
    • The extent of his powers are unknown.
    • He has taken powerful prisoners.
  • A description of a ritual for the creation of "Stones of Empowerment", which the hags have created.
    • Kri’zakth has two of these stones.
  • A scrappy sketch of a dagger, and an accompanying incantation:
    "To summon the night, mortal god blood must spill
    from the mighty dagger that has aimed to kill.
    When the stone set has been complete,
    he will then rise to his feet.
    His shadow fingers will stretch wide,
    and consume all those alive."
  • A record of the hags' efforts to magically attach a spirit to an object, akin to a phylactery.
    • A record of a partially successful attempt to attach a Lawful-Good soul to a spear.

The final entry gives Clover an idea that the arcane disc in his possession might be inhabited by a living spirit.

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