The Wild is a circle of the land druid character[1] played by Kyle in season three. Their transformation into the Wild is the result of a True Polymorph spell.

The Wild is an enormous (7'+) tree with arms formed from branches that shift and change in a mildly unsettling way, their body is covered in runic inscriptions carved into the trunk, areas where things have been carved you see a bright red wood exposed below the otherwise greyish brown trunk, they have a face that appears carved and static but has been painted on, as the wild speaks the face doesn't move to show speaking.



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On the podcastEdit

The Wild has a +1 to Wisdom and a +1 to Constitution as a racial bonus.

Magical ItemsEdit

The uniqueness of the Wild stems also from two magical items, which were played like special traits on the podcast:


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Memorable QuotesEdit

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