The Chosen Five (or just: the Five) is a title given to a group of five people, who gets chosen by the three good gods, to champion for the realm of Irulan.  The title has been awarded at least two times000.

The first time was 450 years prior to the start of season one. However, this group only succeeded partially in saving the world.

The second group bearing this name are player characters from season one: Stark, Torrin, Paeris, Devin and Nightbreeze.

The Chosen Five have a mysterious relation to the Oculous. In the first season, Stark was the bearer of the Oculous. In season two and season three, the bearers were D'Nias and Ren, but the title of the Chosen Five did not get revived.

The deities Sehanine and the Raven Queen are known to interact with the Chosen in their prime during seasons one and two. After their influence declined in Irulan, Moradin became more present in season three, dealing preferably with Ren and Lux.

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