Stark is a Half-Elf Paladin played by Ben in season one.

Stark has dark blonde hair and fair skin. He wears gilden plate armor depicting battles against demons and their like.



Stark joined a paladin order at a young age. This order was dedicated to the protection of a sacred relic from the great war many years ago where the original Five saved the world. The order was attacked by cultists and during the battle Stark chased one off into the woods. Upon his return everyone was dead and the relic was missing save for 1 piece held by his mentor. Stark vowed to avenge his fallen comrades and reclaim the lost artifact.

On the podcastEdit

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Stark is retired twice.

The first retirement at the end of Season 1 where he lives out the remainder of his life in peace, watching over Elizabet for the remainder of his life.

The second and final retirement occurs in the finale of Season 3 where Stark takes a blast of evil magic causing his bones to liquify.

Memorable QuotesEdit

We will not go quietly into the night! We are going to live on!


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