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The third season of the Tabletop Champions podcast takes place in the world of Irulan, the setting for the initial three seasons of the show and home and birthplace of many iconic characters and running gags, such as Meat People Are Gross, Cheesy Tots, or Vrath. The third season includes the episodes 050 to 096.

The heroes of the season
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Season 3, like the first and the second season, tells the story of an epic struggle between Good and Evil over the world of Irulan. The realm is threatened time and again by chaotic gods in different incarnations, usually appearing under the symbol of the manacles, and a band of heroes, misfits, or woodland critters is chosen, with the help of the gods such as Sehanine, the Raven Queen or Moradin, to bear the fantastic relic called the Oculous. The Oculous is often pivotal in saving the realm from falling to the rule of the manacled gods.

In the third season, a band of cute woodland critters fights for the rights of all Irulanians against the supremacist queen of the realm, and eventually, through a magical sword, is confronted with the oldest evil in Irulan. This leads to an epic battle when Ren, bearer of the Oculous, allied with friends from all over history, has to fight for the ultimate survival of Irulan. Initially, the pack includes Ren the ranger, Colin the monk, Elyron the mystic, Minos the samurai, and Alenia the rogue. The group is later reinforced by the warlock Lux and The Wild.

Irulan History[edit | edit source]

The known history of Irulan as established by Sean, your dungeon master, literally spans over milennia. It can be roughly (and non-canonically) devided into Irulan Ancient History (IAH), the Pre-Crystal Era (PCE), the Crystal Era (CE) and the Post-Eutax Era (PXE).

Season 3 takes place during the Post-Eutax-Era, which begins with The Shock at the end of season 2. This is the final era in the known history of Irulan, and its story is continued in season five. It includes the episodes 098 to 143, and picks up again in episode 185.

Summary of Season 3[edit | edit source]

Events before the season start[edit | edit source]

The heroes of the season
(Fanart by MrLich)

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Haven[edit | edit source]


The Lost Woods[edit | edit source]

Trenton[edit | edit source]

Graveyard in the Lost Woods[edit | edit source]

The heroes of the season
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Enter Tode and Vrath105.

Pirate Beach Island[edit | edit source]

Alenia leaves. Enter Lux107.

Lake Eutax[edit | edit source]

The Cider Woods[edit | edit source]

Enter The Moonlit King113.

Back in Haven[edit | edit source]

Timetravel hijinks!114

Hidden Cave[edit | edit source]

Once more: enter Travers123.

Lux' visions[edit | edit source]

Everyone roll level 20 good Dwarves124. Now level 20 evil Dwarves132.

The Nine Hells[edit | edit source]

Colin stays behind133.

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