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The second season of the Tabletop Champions podcast takes place in the world of Irulan, the setting for the initial three seasons of the show and home and birthplace of many iconic characters and running gags, such as Grifto the Magnificent, Toodles, or Fish are people too! The first season includes the episodes 050 to 096.

The seven heroes of the season (Fanart by @wishbit)

Season 2, like the first and the third season, tells the story of an epic struggle between Good and Evil over the world of Irulan. The realm is threatened time and again by chaotic gods in different incarnations, usually appearing under the symbol of the manacles, and a band of heroes, misfits, or woodland critters is chosen, with the help of the gods such as Sehanine, the Raven Queen or Moradin, to bear the fantastic relic called the Oculous. The Oculous is often pivotal in saving the realm from falling to the rule of the manacled gods.

In the second season, a band of unfortunate misfits gets tangled up in the secret resistance plans of the Order of the Raven against the King of Avisac, who threatens the safety of all of Irulan with his plans. Initially, the gang includes the bard D'Nias, the barbarian Skrag, the warmage Caldious and his bodyguard Annungilon, and the unique robot butler Eutax. The group is later reinforced by the swashbuckler Aramel and the warlock Margane.

Irulan History[edit | edit source]

The known history of Irulan as established by Sean, your dungeon master, literally spans over milennia. It can be roughly (and non-canonically) devided into Irulan Ancient History (IAH), the Pre-Crystal Era (PCE), the Crystal Era (CE) and the Post-Eutax Era (PXE).

Season 2 takes place at the very end of the Crystal Era, which began about 2000 years prior when The Chosen Five stepped into magical crystals to save Irulan from destruction by Torag048. The season and the era come to an end when Eutax takes the Oculous from the bearer D'Nias and sacrifices himself to save Irulan. This event is known as The Shock and begins the Post-Eutax Era.

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Events before the season start[edit | edit source]

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Caer Cane[edit | edit source]

Map irulan caer-cane.png

Pirate Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

Caldious and Annungilon don't make it057.

Rhayada[edit | edit source]

Map irulan rhayada.png

Aramel and Margane join058.

Underdark[edit | edit source]

Plane of Mischief[edit | edit source]

Enter Grifto the Magnificent068.

Dwarven City[edit | edit source]

Back on the Surface[edit | edit source]

Stebrook[edit | edit source]

Enter Lena, Randel and Eutax Prime076. A long night at Tchochkie's.

Wayham[edit | edit source]

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Hewold[edit | edit source]

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The Void Dragon[edit | edit source]

The Shrine of Rage[edit | edit source]

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Margane leaves088.

The Warmage College[edit | edit source]

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