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The first season of the Tabletop Champions podcast establishes the world of Irulan, the setting for the initial three seasons of the show and home and birthplace of many iconic characters and running gags, such as Boat Tip Spot, Sparkles the Unicorn, or Cool Cool Tight Tight. The first season includes the episodes 000 to 048.

Season 1, as well as two and three, tells the story of an epic struggle between Good and Evil over the world of Irulan. The realm is threatened time and again by chaotic gods in different incarnations, usually appearing under the symbol of the manacles, and a band of heroes, misfits, or woodland critters is chosen, with the help of the gods such as Sehanine, the Raven Queen or Moradin, to bear the fantastic relic called the Oculous. The Oculous is often pivotal in saving the realm from falling to the rule of the manacled gods.

In the first season, a band of epic heroes takes up the the title of The Chosen Five, and sets out to safeguard the realm from the abyssal invader Torog and their henchmen. Initially, the Chosen include the paladin Stark, the fighter Torrin, the ranger Nightbreeze, the cleric Paeris and the sorcerer Devin. The group is later reinforced by the rogue Nedylene and the warlock Markus.

Irulan History[edit | edit source]

The known history of Irulan as established by Sean, your dungeon master, literally spans over milennia. It can be roughly (and non-canonically) devided into Irulan Ancient History (IAH), the Pre-Crystal Era (PCE), the Crystal Era (CE) and the Post-Eutax Era (PXE).

Season one covers all of the Pre-Crystal Era and begins the Crystal Era in episode 048, ultimately rewriting most of the events of the season, including the near-complete devastation of Irulan. The first season also establishes most of the Irulan Ancient History in episode 000.

Summary of Season 1[edit | edit source]

Irulan Ancient History[edit | edit source]

(this is mostly covered in episodes 000, 124 and 132)

Events before the podcast[edit | edit source]

(this is mostly covered in episode 000)

Avisac[edit | edit source]

Map irulan avisac.png

Torrin, Stark, Paeris and Devin return to Avisac, the City of Castles, already celebrated as heroes000. Paeris becomes the Lord of Stebrook, the Floating City. Devin becomes the headmaster of the mage college there and names it THE mage college. Devin is also the only one who can steer the city. Torrin is allowed to open a bar in the city, and calls it Tchotchkie's. Stark is rewarded with the services of Bilquo the Bard, who will sing of his greatness.

In the City of Castles, the Dwarven King of the realm lies dying002. Also ill is Paeris' sister Valanth, so the party ventures to the dangerous Colleca Jungle to find a Geneseth flower to cure her003. Afterward, the Grand Opening of Tchotchkie's is celebrated, but the Order of the Raven attacks the party as well as The Queen's Loins004.

New Weedale[edit | edit source]

The Five venture out to close a portal to the realm of Torog which spews demons into the world. It is located somewhere in the woods surrounding New Weedale, the township held by the party. On the way there, they free an interesting Dragonborn named Roone from a group of slavers from Yenpool007.

They find that New Weedale has used their absence to appoint their own Lady Governor. Challenged by the Five, they decide to settle the matter through trial by combat, which results in an epic fight between Torrin and a wyvern. Afterward, Torrin opens a new Tchotchkie's franchise in town before they return to Avisac and nearby floating Stebrook008.

Upon return, they learn that the king has died. Since Paeris has a seat on the Council of Nine, Devin suggests for Paeris to propose that Stark should become Interim King of Irulan (the actual title can only be awarded by the people of Irulan). The motion passes, and Stark becomes king009. Meanwhile, an attempt on Paeris' life fails, and Toodles becomes official.

Doladhon[edit | edit source]

Map irulan doladhon.png

The group briefly returns to Doladhon, which was previously abandoned because a demon portal opened nearby. The inhabitants have found their city, especially the bank, pillaged by looters, and have a lot of questions for the party, but nothing can be proven against them010. They then rush to close the portal and skip town as soon as they can, once again returning to Avisac and Stebrook.

Once back, they receive a new quest to confront Siltharic Khashab, an ally of Silaqui, in Yenpool. Devin is especially paranoid of steering Stebrook over the vast ocean of Irulan, and convinces everybody to fly along a chain of islands, which makes the trip much longer.

Once flying over open water, the city of Stebrook is promptly swallowed by a gargantuan fish010.

Inside the fish[edit | edit source]

The Five set out to find a way out of the humongous fish. The belly of the beast is filled with slimy caverns, traps and foes. They ultimately find a frog-like genie who grants them a wish. They decide to wish to appear next to a dangerous lich, who is part of their quest011.

The frog genie transports the party into the Shadow Realm, where they learn that their former party member Nightbreeze has aligned with the forces of Torog. They also find out that he holds Valanth captive. Nightbreeze and a beholder are ultimately defeated and Paeris' sister is saved, and Devin gets his revenge. Their celebration however is interrupted when an astral owl reaches Devin and alarms them that Stebrook is under attack012.

The party must now find a way out of the Shadow Realm and locate a portal of light. On the other side, they find themselves in the Celestial Plane, where they meet the former king of Irulan. Sehanine reveals herself to them, but she has dire news: she intends to send them back to the Material Plane, yet one spirit is necessary to do so. After much deliberation, Paeris, already a cleric to Sehanine, decides to serve her at her side from now on013.

Sehanine then sends them back to Stebrook, where the party rushes to defend it from the attack of a giant worm. A shady Drow baker named Merethyl now follows Stark around and refuses to leave them alone014. When Torrin finally remembers that he has a Trident of Fish Command, they manage to make the fish regurgitate Stebrook. Afterward, they assemble the Clockwork Aerial Rover (CAR) for the first time. Meanwhile, Stebrook is approaching Yenpool015.

Yenpool[edit | edit source]

Map irulan yenpool.png

The party arrives to find the city in open revolt. They meet with the resistance inside the city, who point them toward Imhoptep, who tells of a secret way into Yenpool in the underground. The party fight their way through, and is once again whisked away to a different plane, where foreign gods intend to judge them by the weight of their hearts. All but Stark horribly fail, and they have to fight to escape a death sentence. Afterward, they locate Siltharic Khashab, and proceed to fight and kill them016.

Upon their triumphant return to Stebrook, the funeral ceremony for Paeris is held, where Stark gives a rousing speech, but the event is shunned by Devin. Unfortunately, it is also attacked by demons017. Afterward, Alvareis informs the party of an encroaching darkness outside of New Weedale, but the party would rather go shopping. Meanwhile, an inquisitive character named Markus Landor has taken an interest in them. When Alvareis won't stop pestering them about saving the realm, they give in and travel to New Weedale by CAR018.

Back in New Weedale[edit | edit source]

The Chosen find their township abandoned and tracks leading them into the woods, which they rename Cloaka Woods in the process. Deep in the forest, they meet and befriend Sparkles the Unicorn019. They also meet a Remorhaz worm, demon frogs, a literal cabin in the woods as well as Snugg the Troll, whom they hire. After a demon portal is closed, they travel back to Avisac021.

On their way they are attacked by cultists and rescue Lupara, but Snugg wanders off022. Back in Avisac, Travers has an accident, and Alvareis has news: Silaqui has asked them to a meeting in the former Drow stronghold of Mecazeran in the Underdark. Also, Elizabet has disappeared023.

Mecazeran[edit | edit source]

The party make their way through the Underdark and find the entrance to the Drow stronghold, but is assaulted and taken prisoner by massive bone constructs. Only Nedylene manages to escape. They are brought deep inside the complex, where Silaqui awaits them and Nedylene finds her way on her own.

Silaqui has a proposal: she suggests they give up their resistance and join forces with her to help Torog, her god of the manacles, instead. When the party want to hear how this is useful to them, she offers only vague promises of great boons, which only makes the party laugh and mock her to her face. Silaqui then gives up, and abandons them in the fortress, which she claims she has turned into a death trap024.

The gang now has to find an exit from a deadly labyrinth filled with traps and demons. In the end, they find Elizabet and want to rescue her, but a dark ritual has already scarred her with the manacles of Torog026. Torrin then suggests everybody hop into his bag of holding, after which he teleports away on Sparkles.

Finally having escaped Mecazeran, they find a Svirfneblin town and some friendly Deep Gnomes who point them in the right direction. They reach the surface world, and take Elizabet back to Avisac. Alvareis and Markus are at a loss about her condition, but agree that it is grave and that a dark link has shackled her to Torog himself in the Abyss. The party returns to Stebrook, and Elizabet is sheltered at THE Mage College027.

Darkness Falls[edit | edit source]

During the six weeks that follow, the party hunkers down in Stebrook, as the sky weeps black clouds and portals spewing demons open all over the realm, much faster than the Chosen can sally forth to close them. The party is finally summoned to Alvareis, who has located an ancient Halfling bard named Ilander Hobblefeet, who supposedly has survived from the time of the Original Chosen Five028. Hobblefeet is said to live in self-imposed exile at the top of the world, deep in the icy Shield Peaks. Alvareis claims the he might know of a way to close all demon portals at once, so the party fly Stebrook north, to the outskirts of the Shield Peaks.

Shield Peaks[edit | edit source]

Map irulan shield-peaks.png

In the extreme conditions of the mountains in the far north, it is too dangerous to travel in floating Stebrook. The CAR also won't do, and neither will Devin's goblin horde or the host from Stebrook which has made a base camp at the foot of the Shield Peaks. So the Chosen begin the climb alone and on foot.

The climb is long and dangerous. They meet a band of friendly dwarves, who help them find their way, and fight ice creatures in hidden mountain caves030, before finally locating the small cabin of Ilander Hobblefeet, who turns out to be real031.

Ilander invites them into his humble home and confirms the claims about him. He explains that he has lived so long as a result of touching Torog himself, and that he is willing to help them fight the evil god. In return he only asks that they end his life using the Oculous relic, which is the only way he can die. When they agree, he explains that Torog has given magical locks to five close allies, who use these locks to open demon portals to Irulan. Collecting the locks and killing the allies will make all the associated portals collapse, also. Ilander also hands them a magical ruby telescope which reveals to them the location of any locks. Stark and Devin then follow the Halfling outside, where they disintegrate him with the Oculous.

The following morning, the party begin their long climb back to the base camp032. Along the way, they encounter a gang of cultists and interrupt their ritual. They have summoned a massive demon in the shape of a French Angel Fish, which the party overcomes, but not before Devin is desintegrated. Mourning the loss of their companion, they collect his ashes and continue back south. The people of Stebrook and Choo don't take the news of Devin's passing well.

Devin's funeral is not attacked, but the gathering at the newly renovated Tchotchkie's is033. After the attack, the Chosen use the ruby telescope to discover a signal in the far away Elven Kingdom of Llandy.

Llandy[edit | edit source]

Map irulan llandy.png

In the city of Llandy in the kingdom of Llandy, the Chosen are asked to dinner by council member Aerohena Sylvari, who represents the region in the Council of Nine034. Afterward, Markus takes everybody on a trip to the library, where Torrin touches a magical bone and is imprisoned in a tooth by a lich. The lich is defeated, and they find magical locks and keys, as Hobblefoot had claimed035. Torrin is freed, and Aerohena Sylvari is saved from captivity in her own bedroom. Then, a look out the window shows a massive skeletal dragon attacking the city. The gang, with Torrin astride on Sparkles the Pegacorn, rush to save the city036.

The thankful Aerohena Sylvari explains that the lich held the Elven kingdom hostage using the magical locks. She also tells of a series of detremental events that happened since The Chosen had ventured into the Shield Peaks. The ruby telescope then reveals red signals in both Cheawood and Rhayada, and Nedylene successfully convinces the party to go to the City of Thieves, much to Markus' disappointment. He now has to steer Stebrook, and he bearely manages to get it there in one piece037.

Rhayada[edit | edit source]

Map irulan rhayada.png

As the party has come to the City of Thieves to kill an ally of Torog, they decide a cautious approach is in order, and so leave Stebrook and swoop to the ground on Pegacornback. When they approach however, the local forest dwellers and frog-people capture Torrin in a net.

The frog-people turn out to worship Torrin like a god, but plan to cook the rest of the party for a feast in his honor. They manage to escape anyway, but not before Torrin is supplied with an egg that needs hatching.

After making their way through a swamp, they attempt to sneak into the city. The ruby telescope shows a signal in the castle in the city, and Nedylene suggests to use one of her contacts to get inside038. The contact gets inside Nedylene, which gets the party into the city, but then Torrin throws a javelin without looking.

Now Torrin has killed a kid over a cabbage039. Their sneaky efforts are spoiled, and an angry crowd delivers them to Dominic Blackwood, who sentences Torrin to have his arm removed as punishment. Before the sentence can be carried out though, Paeris, celestial messenger of Sehanine, intervenes040. He announces that the egg which Torrin still carries is to hatch a Goblin, and caring for this child is to become Torrin's sentence instead.

Dominic Blackwood is not at all pleased with this and attacks the party. He is killed, and more demon locks are found on him. With him dead, the city descends into revolt, and the Chosen make their way to the top of the castle and bounce using the CAR041.

Loressea[edit | edit source]

Map irulan loressea.png

The ruby telescope shows the way for the Chosen back into the city where they first met, but even from a distance, they can tell that darkness has fallen over the city. They decide to fly there in the CAR, but crash it into a black spire along the way, getting the rover damaged and unable to function042.

Approaching the city gates on foot, the first people they meet immediately attack. Stark is banished into the abyss, where he briefly meets Torog. When the banishment ends, the party overcome their attackers, but is badly bloodied, so they make camp.

Finally at the city gates, an unkindness of ravens gathers around them, and the Raven Queen reveals herself to the party and intends to help them in light of the battle they are to face in Loressea043. Once inside the city, they find a horde of skeletons, which are harmless, but also a gazebo, which is quite dangerous. Shadows fall on them, and Markus is killed. Stark revives himusing a gem from his crown. Only then they have to fight the gazebo, and only then Silaqui confronts and fights them. Silaqui is killed, and the party retreats toward Stebrook044. The city of Loressea falls apart into a crystalline, purple dust.

The fall of Stebrook[edit | edit source]

Torrin and Sparkles tow the party in the broken CAR back to the floating city, which is clearly under heavy assault045. They rush to defend it, and find a demonic Elizabet, speaking in Silaqui's voice, wreaking havoc. She is aided by an ashen form of Devin, who is trying to crash his former city into the ground. Both have to be vanquished. With Elizabet's body, which was Silaqui's philactory, destroyed, Silaqui is finally overcome. Stebrook is ablaze in flames. Only the island with THE Mage College still floats. The Chosen are summoned to Cheawood.

Cheawood[edit | edit source]

Map irulan cheawood.png

The party rushes the floating THE Mage College southward to Cheawood, passing Avisac on the way046. The City of Castles has fallen under darkness, like Loressea, and a massive green tornado storm has started turning inside the city.

Once in Cheawood, they find a large host along with all the remaining people of note and import from all over the realm. They lay hurried plans for a final assault on Avisac and Torog. They intend to crash THE Mage College into the city walls, to open a breach for the army.

The last stand at Avisac[edit | edit source]

Into the crystal[edit | edit source]

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