Sean Stevens is the creative mind behind Irulan, the campaign setting for seasons one, two, three and five of the Tabletop Champions podcast. He also wrote the campaign for season four based on a world created by the fans of the show and with much input from the now disbanded Tabletop Champions Roleplaying Server on Discord.

Sean is the dungeon master of the first four seasons of the show. In season five however, he let Lauren take over as he played his own character. He made his return to the dungeon master's seat in season's six and seven.

He was born in 1984. He has a vendetta against Skittles due to them changing the green skittle. His favorite drink is cold three bean soup, and his life's goal is to establish a goldfish colony on Saturn. Sean was tragically killed by a dropbear in 2017, and has been continuing to record the podcast as a lich ever since.

Characters played by Sean[edit | edit source]

In season five, Sean played Clover Blossom, the Mousefolk wizard, Lisan al-Ghaib, the Tiefling bard and Abutton, the Kenku of few words.

Iconic NPCs[edit | edit source]

As the dungeon master in the first four seasons, Sean has played dozens of characters on the podcast. Listed here are some of the iconic NPCs he brought to life:

Contact[edit | edit source]

Find Sean @seanthedm on twitter.

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