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This Community Portal is for fans who are new to the wiki or new to editing!

Have a look at the sections below for all your basic questions. Even small contributions are valued and can be the start of something great! Editing your favorite player character, or NPC, or episode are a great way to start! Or ask a question right below this article!

And don't forget: have fun!


I would like to help build the wiki!

Great! You are welcome to contribute. There are no prerequisites other than your willingness to keep a cooperative and polite attitude, and being a fan of the show.
You may wish to create an account to track your contributions and communicate with other scribes!

The Tabletop Champions podcast offers over 200 hours worth of shows to-date, and is still growing on a weekly basis. At the same time, the worlds of Irulan and Naluri are deep and rich, and understanding what precisely is going on and how it relates to the long history of the show and the characters can sometimes be a daunting challenge.

This is what this wiki and our community is for! We set out to chronicle the events that played out on Tabletop Champions and make them available for listeners new and longstanding, so catching up on past events becomes as quick and easy as possible.

How can I help?Edit

Where To Start:

  • How do I even ..? Everybody was new at some point. Have a look at the Fandom Community Central for all your basic questions and needs.
    If you want to play around with the editor, you can use our Sandbox.
  • Do you have a favorite character? Awesome. Most Player Characters already have their own page and some basic information. Feel free to add to it and flesh out the details!
  • Do you have a favorite NPC? Nice. You can check to see if they already have a page in our NPC Category, and find their article there. Otherwise you can make a new page from the wiki home page. If your favorite NPC is more like a Minor NPC, you can find their page here, or add their name if they are not already listed.
  • Do you have a favorite episode? Hot damn! Head to the Episodes Category to find the respective page. If you see an episode number as a red link, you can click it and a new article with the correct number and title will be created.
    Here are some pointers for episode articles:
    • The minimum: If you have at least some information about an episode, don't hesitate to add it to the wiki if you think it's relevant. We are very thankful if you take the time.
      The minimum for every episode article should be one relevant action or event per player character, or alternatively, a couple of things the party achieved (or failed at) in the episode. You can look at this page for an idea of what such a summary looks like.
    • The bare bones: Do this if you want to put in a little more effort. Ideally, each episode page should have four parts at the very least:
      • Episode Infobox: When editing an episode page, you can click InsertInfobox and choose Infobox episode. You may then fill in the relvant information.
      • Intro: Please record Kyle's episode description from the feed, the opening quote in the intro (a.k.a. the 'Catchphrase'), and the intro when Sean introduces his players and they answer with various hilarities. You can have a look at this page for a reference.
      • Episode Summary: As above, the minimum for every episode article should be one relevant action or event per player character, or alternatively, a couple of things the party achieved (or failed at) in the episode. You can look at this page for an idea of what such a summary looks like.
      • Memorable Quotes: Well, this is the fun part for sure. Aim for ~ 3 quotes per episode (we don't want to be a protocol of jokes). A quote is usually a single funny line, or a funny remark and an answer from another podcaster.
    • The Superfans: Okay, so you really like the show. Like really, you really like-like the show. Awesome! Go nuts and write to your hearts content, but please keep the following in mind:
      • The main idea of the wiki is that other fans can read up on the show's plot and characters quick and easily. Excess fat will be cut. Please do a favor and a service to other fans and the showmakers.
      • If you put something in the wiki, let it go. It never was yours to begin with.
  • What else needs doing? The community main page always lists general jobs and some larger research projects for those who want to take the plunge. You can also expand article stubs or check out the wanted pages.
  • I still need to ask a question! You're always welcome to approach an admin. If you have a specific question about a specific article, you can also post it as a comment on the respective page. Or post a comment right below this article!


But do I have to ..?

  • ...get it all perfect? No. Small contributions can go a long way! If you just want to play around with editing, you can try our Sandbox. Don't be afraid to edit an article multiple times to make it look and feel just right!
    And don't stress if you can't! Other editors and the admins are here to help you out.
  • ...give sources? No. In fact, mentioning that we must do research helps guide other editors to points of interest!
  • ...reproduce the recommended layout every time? No. You can create episode articles and character articles from the home page with ease.
    You can also load templates with the recommended article layout directly from the editor.
    And if you click a red number on the home page, a new article with the correct title will be set up for you!
  • a great writer? No. Wiki articles are the result of a group effort, so drafting, re-writing and touching up are completely normal. You can count on your fellow editors to help in any way they can.
  • ...really always keep a polite and cooperative attitude? Yes. We're all hobbyists here, so there's really no justification for rudeness. A positive environment is necessary to grow the wiki and encourage contribution. If you feel like you cannot maintain the required conduct, please walk away from editing for a while.
  • ...get permission from the creator of fanart I share here? Yes. You also have to credit them when you use their work on any wiki page.

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