Paeris is a slender high-elf cleric of Sehanine standing 5'10". He has long silvery white hair pulled back into a braid. He has a stern angular face. Paeris is armed with a shield adorned with a crescent moon, scale mail in a leaf pattern, along with a dark blue cloak. He has a curved elven blade named "Alph Mirovor" (which translates to "Swan Song" in Tolkien elvish) that has been passed down through the family since his grandfather stole it hundreds of years ago. Paeris is proud and eliteist.


Special Items Edit

Alph Mirovor: It's a sword Paeris has inherited from his grandfather.

Necklace of Prayers: The necklace allows Paeris to cast Wind Walk once per day. I was given to him after The Five saved the king of Irulan.

Whistles of Message: Once per day, the pair of whistles can be used to send a long distance message between two people holding the whistles.