Nightbreeze is an Elven ranger and player character of an unknown player in Sean's Irulan campaign prior to the establishment of the Tabletop Champions podcast.


Few details are known of the mysterious Nightbreeze. He has been with the party since the massacre of Loressea and was a member of the Chosen Five for a time000.

The ranger's reckless handling of a cursed note ultimately lead to the death of the King of Irulan in season one. He is also reported to have been frequently at odds with the party.

It is unknown at which point or why Nightbreeze left the group. He was last seen in the basement of a cult tower in Weedale, where Silaqui had laid a trap for the Chosen Five000.


The next time they met, Nightbreeze had pledged allegiance to Torog and attacked the party. He was killed in the battle and his corpse was mutilated by Devin012.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Some catch phrases of Nightbreeze are lampooned on the show:

  • 'I slick my hair back and forth.'
  • 'I immediately drop my bow.'


  • Nightbreeze was part of the decision to break into the bank of Doladhon, which made Torrin a rich person and enabled him to open his first Tchochkie's tavern000.

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