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This article lists the Non-Player-Characters of the Tabletop Champions podcast. It is divided into the seasons, and lists all characters alphabetically.

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Season 1 Edit

Alvareis Edit

Bawk BawkEdit

  • Description: Bawk Bawk is the chicken Torrin throws out from Stebrook to test a force field001.
  • First appearance: Episode 001

Bilquo the Bard Edit

  • Description: Bilquo is a Halfling bard, who writes songs for/about Stark. Bilquo was assigned to Stark after The Five saved Stebrook001.
  • First appearance: Episode 001


Main article: Choo the Goblin

Dominic Blackwood Edit

  • Leader of the House Blackwood in Solia and member of the Council of Nine.
  • Resides in Rhayada.

Elizabet Edit

  • Description: Elizabet is a pretty human girl from The Queen's Loins, who falls in love with Stark005.
  • First appearance: Episode 005

Lupara DeravinEdit

Main article: Lupara Deravin

Mamber AmbersteinEdit

  • Description:
  • First appearance:


Main article: Mercy


Main article: Nightbreeze

Roone Edit

  • Description: Roone is a Dragonborn slave, who The Five save. After Roone picks up an axe to attack an enemy, Torrin is infatuated006.
  • Appears in: Episode 006

Silaqui Edit

  • Silaqui is the main antagonist of The Chosen Five in the first season. She and her henchpeople hatch numerous ploys to destroy the party and bring the abyssal invader Torog to reign in the realm of Irulan.
  • She is responsible for first getting the party together during a horrifying event that happened in Loressea before the podcast was first recorded000.
  • First appearance: Episode 000 - Getting To Know The Gang

Snugg Snuggowitz a.k.a. Kragglawff the Troll Edit

  • Description: Snugg is a troll who had settled in New Weedale. He had started building bridges, and Devin hires him to build bridges for Stebrook021.
  • First appearance: Episode 021

Sparkles the Unicorn / the Pegacorn Edit

  • Description: Sparkles is a unicorn, who Torrin befriends.
  • First appearance: Episode 019

Travers the Stablekeep Edit

  • Description: Travers is the stable master of a stable outsides Avisac
  • First appearance: Episode 001

Season 2 Edit

Alvin Edit

  • Description: Tall pirate in Percy's crew. Helps stealing the feather for Percy.
  • First appearance: Episode 056

Bblbbblbbbblbl a.k.a Princess Fluffy Bottom Edit

  • Description: Sea giant girl, who is looking for her ancestors' spring. She is the closest Aramel get to charm a girl.
  • First appearance: Episode 078

Chris Wade Edit

  • Description: Thief who steals the Dwarven knife and golden calv trophy. (Also a smelly boy - Now it's on the wiki)
  • First appearance: Episode 051

Egg Edit

  • Description: Egg is a donkey Margane gives a straw hat. It pulls the cart for the group.
  • First appearance: Episode 059

Erika Edit

  • Description: Contact given from Relious, to lead the adventurers through the Underdark.
  • First appearance: Episode 063

Eutax Prime Edit

  • Eutax Prime, in reality only named Eutax, is the wizard who created Eutax the robot butler, who in turn is a character played by Kyle in season two.
  • Kyle's character Eutax believed his master to have died in a fire050. This memory was planted by Eutax Prime in order to keep the robot butler hidden away in a cave for reasons unknown.
  • He is usually referred to as Eutax' master, or simply master, by Eutax and his party. He is also colloquially known as Eutax Prime to signify that he is the original creator of all the robots in the season.
  • Before the events of the season, he was also known as professor Eutax, as he was a teacher at THE Mage College in Stebrook. Leena Ragnall was one of his most adoring students there.
  • Professor Eutax was expelled from THE Mage College after he turned himself into a lich. The next time he was seen was at the Shrine of Rage, where he had constructed a large, deadly lair, and dozens of towering robots, all named Eutax.
  • After he was defeated by the adventurers in season two087, he escaped to an unknown location south of the Shrine of Rage088.
  • Introduced in episode 049, first appearance in episode 076.

Gavin Edit

  • Description: Gavin is a Alehouse dragon. D'Nias is given Gavin as companion by a Gnome troupe.
  • First appearance: Episode 074

Grifto the Magnificent Edit

  • Description: Halfling ruling over the plane of mischief.
  • First appearance: Episode 068

Jacques Edit

  • Description: Svirfneblin who D'Nias befriends in The Light and Dark Tavern
  • First appearance: Episode 063

Kish Edit

  • Description: Fey creature with a handsome "daddy" look. He initially joins the party, but later try to kidnap D'Nias.
  • First appearance: Episode 072

Leena Ragnall Edit

Micah Strongbow Edit

  • Description:
  • First appearance:

Morrum Edit

  • Description: Margane's pumpkin
  • First appearance: Episode 060


  • Mut is short for Bahamut, the dragon god of justice.
  • He appears sometimes as a very old but very nimble man, bald, with a white mustache, an orange shirt and blue shorts, with a walking stick and a backpack. Seven chirping, yellow canaries accompany him. He also wears dark googles which hide his eyes088.
  • He gets involved with the fate of Irulan when the remaining adventurers need guidance after the battle against Eutax Prime, telling them of their importance in the future and of Verna looking forward to meeting them088.
  • Mut appears to Clover Blossom in a vision when the party navigates a labyrinth in the Plane of Mischief202. He asks the Mousfolk to keep the silver disc187 safe, as it holds a friend of his.
  • First appearance in episode 088.

Percy Edit

  • Description: King of the pirates and captain of The Cutter, formerly First Mate to Aramel.
  • First appearance: Episode 056

Poof Edit

Main article: Poof
  • Description: A squishy little ball with eyes and Eutax' best friend, speaking in Abyssal.
  • First appearance in episode 068.

Ralphie Edit

  • Description: Person assigned to hide the party after they get in trouble with everybody.
  • First appearance: Episode 060

Randel Edit

  • Description: husband of Leena.
  • First appearance:

Relious & Nalious Edit

  • Description: Drow who help the party to get through the Underdark.
  • First appearance: Episode 061

Thoradin Edit

  • Description: King of the dwarves.
  • First appearance:

Travers a.k.a. Lord Duke Paeris Edit

  • Description: Stable boy
  • First appearance: Episode 077

Trissa Hewold Edit

  • Description: Trissa is an impressive Tiefling who openly shows herself to the party in the city of Hewold for the first time, officially to hire them to help the city with three major problems081.
  • Trissa is the secret identity of the Mask, who has stolen a precious gem from a void dragon, and has other criminal ploys going on in the region.
  • She is the only source of information about D'Nias' mother besides her father081.
  • Despite her status as a criminal, she seems to hold enough power in Hewold to outfit the party with a new carriage, horses, and a detachment of the guard.
  • First appearance: Episode 080

Verna Edit

Season 3 Edit

Andrew Edit

Diibo Gifdregon Edit

  • Description: Diibo is the Dwarven king during the creation.
  • First appearance: Episode 124

Elethia aka. Ariel Edit

  • Description: A mermaid who helps the PCs finding Jade.
  • First appearance: Episode 100

Gauldrin Valstag Edit

Gerbo Namfoodle Edit

Gildron Serinath Edit

Main article: Gildron Serinath

Glamhorn Glittergold Edit

  • Descriptions: A giant crab, who the PCs want to help them fight New Doladon.
  • First appearance: Episode 115

Glomb Traubadour Edit

  • Description: Great bard of the North.
  • First appearance: Episode 102

Havish McTavish Edit

Jade Edit

  • Description: One of the orphans in Haven, who gets kidnapped.
  • First appearance: Episode 099

Kazu Raishi Edit

  • A human samurai, who comes from Minos’ home island in the earth clan.
  • First appearance: Episode 111

Minerva Ward Edit

  • The Queen of the "chosen people"
  • First appearance: Episode 098

Myrta Azeal Edit

  • Description: Member of the Haven council. When the party is not around, she runs the orphanage.
  • First appearance: Episode 098

Percipa Edit

  • Description: Giant clam and demigod of the creatures of the ocean.
  • First appearance: Episode 116

Roth HalgrenEdit

Main article: Roth Halgren

Salis WritEdit

Main article: Salis Writ


Main article: Shelia

Smuckers T. Goodboy Edit

Tode Edit


Main article: Vrath

Zelaria Edit

  • Description: Elyron's mom.
  • First appearance: Episode 115

Season 4 Edit

Cadran Morgrir Edit

  • An Aasimar noble who lives in Silver Strings.
  • Prior to their appearance in the podcast, Cadran tried to build an army out of Dagna O'Leeroy’s clan. When she refused, he terrorized her and then allied himself with the clan that killed her entire clan.
  • Worshiper of Asmodeus.
  • In Season 4, he offered to help Cyrus with his evil painting.
  • First appearance: Episode 153 - That Back Door

Captain MythailEdit

  • A finely dressed woman with a golden glass eye and a giant tricorn hat.
  • Captain of the Wavebreaker.
  • Paid by Cam's mother to take him wherever he wanted to go.
  • Trapped in the Plane of Mischief in season four after the party left without her.
  • Owner of the Boatswain Whistle.
  • First appearance: Episode 164 - Luggage.

Cordata Edit

Corvino Silvertongue Edit

  • A flamboyant, Halfling bard who often wears flashy, purple outfits. He lives in Silver Strings.
  • He possesses an unrequited romantic interest in Dagna O'Leeroy, despite her consistent rebuffs.
  • Prior to their appearance in the podcast, he brought Dagna's family back with a Wish.
  • He helps the adventurers of season five find their way into a labyrinth in Goblin City200.
  • First appearance: Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes

Daleg Edit

  • A Tabaxi thief who lives in Silver Stings and seems to be the local crime boss.
  • First Appearance: Episode 152 - Zenith Ocho

Ghost Butler Edit

  • The spirit who resides in the group's extradimensional cabin and takes care of the group while they rest in it.
  • First Appearance: Episode 152 - Zenith Ocho

Gregor Willem Macwell Edit

  • Lord of House Macwell of Jildos. Husband of Talisa Victoria Macwell. Father of Gregor Archibald Macwell (deceased) and Leopold Duncan Macwell (AKA Cam).
  • First appearance: Episode 161 - Baggage

Gregor Archibald Macwell Edit

  • Son of Gregor Willem Macwell and Talisa Victoria Macwell, the Lord and Lady of House Macwell. Brother of Leopold Duncan Macwell (AKA Cam).
  • Cam explains to the party during Season 4 that he was killed in battle.

Hunk Edit

  • An ogre freed from his abusive family in the Plane of Mischief by the party in Season 4.
  • After he was freed, he became a ship's captain.
  • In different episodes he is referred to as Hunk or Chunk, though he was originally named Hunk.
  • First appearance: Episode 165 - Just Search Turtles

Ishtax Edit

  • An Efreeti contained in a lamp found in the Rainbow Wastes.
  • He is summoned by Tinker Gildrop, but his Wish is counterspelled.
  • Dagna uses a wish to form an alliance with him, and later sets him loose on an army of Cin Amon and House Macwell.
  • First appearance: Episode 176 - Treasure Hunt

Jarvis Edit

Jet Edit

  • A purple Tiefling cleric who lives in Silver Strings. She has three red lines above each of her milky white eyes and wears scaled armor.
  • An expert in healing curses, in Episode 151 she assists Cyrus in ridding himself of the Cursed Dagger of Ariman by placing his hand gripping the dagger into a roaring campfire.
  • First Appearance: Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes

Jor'rell Edit

Kibs Edit

Little One Edit

  • A cute, yet disturbing, little girl who is mute due to her mouth being sewn shut.
  • She is a resident of Silver Strings and seemingly a favorite around town.
  • First Appearance: Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes

Marsipen Strongstaff Edit

Mink Alta Edit

Samjasa Edit

  • Description: Samjasa is the Tiefling owner of the Magic Shop in the village of Orlane, who asks Kallas' group and Cam to clear up a mystery in the town at the beginning of season four145.
  • First appearance: Episode 145 - A New Adventure

Sean the Stablekeep Edit

  • A hot-headed proprietor who owns and operates the stables in Silver Strings.
  • He possesses incredibly powerful, cut, muscular arms.
  • Despite what many people think, his name is not Travers.
  • First Appearance: Episode 152 - Zenith Ocho

Tadao Edit

Tinker Gildrop Edit

Talisa Victoria Macwell Edit

  • Lady of House Macwell of Jildos. Wife of Gregor Willem Macwell. Mother of Gregor Archibald Macwell (deceased) and Leopold Duncan Macwell (AKA Cam).
  • First appearance: Episode 161 - Baggage

Trebeck Edit

  • A gruff fellow often wearing a wide brimmed hat over his blue eyes, he is the head of the Silver Strings Bard's College.
  • While he plays many instruments, as most bards do, his favorite instrument is the fiddle.
  • Hires the party several times to assist Silver Strings in ridding themselves of the Drow who were planning an invasion.
  • He is a long-time, close friend of Dagna O'Leeroy.
  • First Appearance: Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes

Twig Edit

  • Dwarf who wears the traditional leather and hide of a barbarian, but also a nest on top of her head. She lives in Silver Strings.
  • She keeps a pet squirrel, Nibbles, and bird, Berry, with her.
  • Twig meets the adventurers just as they arrive in Silver Strings and helps them locate Jet, the healer.
  • First Appearance: Episode 151 - Whatever It Takes

Young Leon Edit

Zenith Othos Edit

  • One of the most powerful and influential leaders in the City of Ebreosea.
  • Was tasked with the duty of establishing trade relations with Silver Strings and overseeing the construction of a teleportation circle there.
  • Murdered in a ritualistic fashion by Dark Elves in the Druid Forest outside of Silver Strings.
  • First Appearance (his corpse, anyway): Episode 153 - That Back Door

Season 5 Edit


  • Dawn is a young woman who is found with the hags Granny Zella and Auntie Milldread187.
  • Clover invites her to join the group on their way back to Lacey's tavern189, and later to Haven190.
  • During the assault on Haven in episode 193, she wanders off into a Fey forest195.
  • First appearance in episode 187.


Henrietta & MelodyEdit

Main article: Clover Blossom

Lacey the barkeepEdit

  • Lacey is the chipper, dapper, blonde bunned Halfling barkeep of the Khul Tavern, which is located in a small village a couple of days travel north from Haven. She asks the party to help the townsfolk with a hag problem186.
  • When Irpaks orders a Gin Rickey, she improvises and creates the Gin Lacey: it's pink and fruity, and served with a tiny umbrella in a glass that says Rickey on it186.
  • When Clover orders a Bloody Alenia, she explains that these drinks are known as Happy Mornings at the Khul Tavern187, but otherwise they're identical to a Bloody Mary.
  • She regularly stages the King of the Bar competition which tests if patrons can hold their liquor189.
  • She has a young son named Gabe who helps out at the inn, day and night186.
  • First appearance in episode 186.

Laura-Leena Var-RagnallEdit

Main article: Laura-Leena Var-Ragnall


Maxwell WellingtonEdit

Nora SableEdit

  • Sir Nora Sable, Knight of the Stinking Bog, is a tri-colored fey corgy knight who guards a bridge across the Stinking Bog, leading to Goblin City in the Plane of Mischief202.
  • First appearance in episode 201.

Reginald & BobEdit


  • Riland is a big, beefy Minotaur who lives in Haven and helps defend it as captain of the Havenguard192.
  • First appearance in episode 192research needed.

Thendren FlamebeardEdit

  • Thendren Flamebeard is a golden Dragonborn who produces a Goblin and Kobold play at Percipa's Star in Trenton198.
  • First appearance in episode 198.


Season 6 Edit

Alfred Pennysworth IV Edit

  • He is one of the great clerics of the North and a cleric of Sehanine. He and his colleagues were sent from "one of the most prestigious libraries" to help undo the Petrification of Jildos.
  • First appearance: episode 223.

Drow Priestess Edit

  • Mostly referred to as the "drow woman", she appears in the season five finale attempting to summon Kri'zakth's pet, and is immediately killed by Abutton222.
  • Throden takes her corpse in season six and it splatters after falling from a great height, so he makes soup227.
  • Raquel loots her things and finds documents related to Kri'zakth and the artifact227.
  • She was intended to be Lauren's "Big Bad" of season six and was in the season five finale for flavor, but Abutton killed her in one turn222.
  • First appearance in episode 222.

El'Lathra Edit

  • Leader of the Drow splinter group that is still loyal to Lloth.
  • Brought back the group from the spider web Plane in an Underdark area a half-day journey from Jildos.
  • Struck a deal with the group to kill Kri'zakth in order to help Lloth to be the ruler of the Nine-Hells.
  • First appearance: episode 223
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