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This page is intended for information about minor NPCs and more important NPCs who haven't gotten their own articles yet.

The information could be a description of the character, first appearance and a list of all episodes.

NB: This page might include spoilers if you haven't finished the season you are reading about. List is sorted alphabetically.

Season 1 Edit

Alvareis Edit

Bawk BawkEdit

  • Description: Bawk Bawk is the chicken Torrin throws out from Stebrook to test a force field.
  • First appearance: Episode 01

Bilquo the Bard Edit

  • Description: Bilquo is a Halfling Bard, who writes song for/about Stark. Bilque was assigned to Stark after The Five saved Stebrook.
  • First appearance: Episode 01

Dominic Blackwood Edit

  • Leader of the House Blackwood in Solia and member of the Council of Nine.
  • Resides in Rhayada.

Elizabet Edit

  • Description: Elizabet is a pretty human girl from The Queen's Loins, who falls in love with Stark.
  • First appearance: Episode 05

Mamber AmbersteinEdit

  • First appearance:

Roone Edit

  • Description: Roone is a dragonborn slave girl, who The Five save. After Roone picks up an axe to attack an enemy, Torrin is infatuated.
  • First appearance: Episode 06

Silaqui Edit

Snugg Snuggowitz a.k.a. Kragglawff the Troll Edit

  • Description: Snugg is a troll who had settled in New Weedale. He had started building bridges, and Devin hired him to build bridges for Stebrook.
  • First appearance: Episode 21

Sparkles the Unicorn / the Pegacorn Edit

  • Description: Sparkles is a unicorn, who Torrin befriend.
  • First appearance: Episode 19

Travers the Stablekeep Edit

  • Description: Travers is the stable master of a stable outsides Avisac
  • First appearance: Episode 01

Season 2 Edit

Chris Wade

  • Description: Thief who steal the dwarven knife and golden calv trophy. (Also a smelly boy - Now it's on the wiki)
  • First appearance: Episode 51


  • Description: Tall pirate in Percy's crew. Helps stealing the feather for Percy.
  • First appearance: Episode 56


  • Description: King of the pirates and captain of The Cutter.
  • First appearance: Episode 56


  • Description: Egg is the donkey Margane gives a strawhat.
  • First appearance: Episode 59


  • Description: Person assigned to hide the party after they get in trouble with everybody.
  • First appearance: Episode 60


  • Description: Margane's pumpkin
  • First appearance: Episode 60

Relious and Nalious

  • Description: Drows who help the adventurers to get through the Underdark.
  • First appearance: Episode 61


  • Description: Contact given from Relious, to lead the adventurers through the Underdark.
  • First appearance: Episode 63


  • Description: Svirfneblin who D'Nias befrind in The Light and Dark Tavern 
  • First appearance: Episode 63 

Griphto the Magnificent

  • Description: Halfling ruling over the plane of mischief.
  • First appearance: Episode 68


  • Description: A squishy little ball with eyes and Eutax' best friend
  • First appearance: Episode 68


  • Description: Fey creature with a handsome "daddy" look. He initially joins the party, but later try to kidnap D'Nias.
  • First appearance: Episode 72


  • Description: Gaven is a Alehouse dragon. D'Nias is given Gaven as companion by a gnome troupe.
  • First appearance: Episode 74


  • Description: Skrag's sister
  • First appearance: Episode 76

Eutax Prime

  • Description: Eutax' master and creator
  • First appearance: Episode 76

Travers/Duke Lord Paeris

  • Description: Stable boy
  • First appearance: Episode 77

Bblbbblbbbblbl / Princess Fluffy Bottom

  • Description: Sea giant girl, who is looking for her ancestors' spring. She is the closest Aramel get to charm a girl.
  • First appearance: Episode 78

Trista Hewold

  • Description: Leader/head of Hewold. The Mask.
  • First appearance: Episode 80

Micah Strongbow

  • Description:
  • First appearance:


  • Description: Lina's boyfriend/husband
  • First appearance:


  • Description: Leader of the Warmages. The Raven Queen in mortal form.
  • First appearance:


  • Description: King of the dwarves.
  • First appearance:

Torrin (NPC)

  • Description:
  • First appearance:

Season 3 Edit

Gauldrin Valstag

  • Description: Member of the Haven council.
  • First appearance: Episode 98

Minerva Ward

  • The Queen of the "chosen people"
  • First appearance: Episode 98

Myrta Azeal

  • Description: Member of the Haven council. When the PCs aren't around, she runs the orphanage.
  • First appearance: Episode 98


  • Description: One of the orphanages in Haven, who gets kidnapped.
  • First appearance: Episode 99

Elethia (aka. Ariel)

  • Description: A mermaid who helps the PCs finding Jade.
  • First appearance: Episode 100

Gerbo Namfoodle

  • Description: Baron of Trenton.
  • First appearance: Episode 102

Glomb Traubadour

  • Description: Great bard of north.
  • First appearance: Episode 102


  • Description: Blacksmith in Haven
  • First appearance: Episode 105


Smuckers T. Goodboy

  • Description: Haven's doctor and herbalist.
  • First appearance: Episode 106

Havish McTavish

  • Description: King of the Pirates and Ren's dad.
  • First appearance: Episode 108

Kazu Raishi

  • A human samurai, who come from Minos’ home island in the earth clan.
  • First appearance: Episode 111

Glamhorn Glittergold

  • Descriptions: A giant crab, who the PCs want to help them fight New Doladon.
  • First appearance: Episode 115


  • Description: Elyron's mom.
  • First appearance: Episode 115


  • Description: Giant clam and demigod of the creatures of the ocean.
  • First appearance: Episode 116

Giibo Gifdregon

  • Description: Giibo is the dwarven king during the creation.
  • First appearance: Episode 124