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Matt is a player on the Tabletop Champions podcast since season one. He joins the cast in episode 018. He was born in 1988. He is known for rolling an absurd number of nat 1s, both on Roll20 and with actual dice.

Matt has made major contributions to the lore of the show. His character Markus Landor is responsible for founding the Warmage College in the Shield Peaks at the end of season one. It has existed for 2000 years of Irulan history before perishing with The Shock. Caldious Argonaut is a warmage from this school, and it played a major role in the conclusion of season two.


Matt also wrote the setting of Jildos, the City of War for season four. The setting takes place in Naluri and serves as a detailed backstory for his character Cyrus Sabal, who hails from the "House of the Broken Oak". Matt had further canonical impact on the show with the samurai order of Minos Stoutheart and the monk order of Fanel, the latter being the very ancient Sun and Branches Order.

Sun and Branches Order (fanart)

Matt's iconic catch phrases[]

Matt established the tradition of the signature line on the show. His opening quotes include:

  • "We must do research!" (Markus)
  • "That's not a dagger in my pocket!" (Aramel)
  • "Where's the beef?" (Minos)
  • "Look into my eye!" (Cyrus)
  • "For glory!" (Wrathful)

Characters played by Matt[]


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