"We must do research!"


Markus is a Human Warlock played by Matt in season one. Markus has a bookish look, he wears robes with a scimitar hanging from his hip and a pair of quirky glasses, without any temples.



Markus is a professor from the Cheawood College. He is hunting down a former student, who is possibly associated with one of the malicious cults in Irulan018, and is accordingly also interested in the study of these cults, which whorship Torog or Vecna.

Season one does not significantly advance these story hooks. Instead, Markus becomes part of the story of the Chosen Five.

On the podcastEdit

Markus is a recurring character on the show.

Season 1Edit

Markus originally tags along with the remaining Chosen after overhearing one of their conversations concerning the fate of Irulan018. Much like Nedylene, he simply refuses to leave them alone.

Markus is brought back from the dead at least twice by King Stark.

Season 3Edit

Markus is among the heroes who fell from the sky during the ultimate battle with Alenia.

Season 5Edit

Markus is known to travel the realm of Irulan, once again dedicating his life to doing research192. He is also publishing research papers again, as a like-minded Haven resident named Salomon Than, who follows Markus' publications, points out.


Markus was known to be retired after the conclusion of season one048, having asked the King of Irulan to be allowed to found a school in the Shield Peaks, in the high North of Irulan.

He spent the last part of his life establishing this school, known as the Warmage College.

Markus is no longer retired as of season five.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Markus, "Yes, I do not appreciate that! I have a doctor in my field! My name is professor Markus!"
Torrin, "Why do you keep a doctor in your field?"023

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