"There are many who know me by many names! It was not long ago, or perhaps it has been eons, since a young woman named me Hewin Dustwood. To the Elves I am known as G'randor the Star Wanderer. The Children of Moradin named me Azanolbizar. I have seen the exhalted halls of Celestia, where Esdrafell is the name I was given. In the dark Abyss they still speak of Droos Haroo in hushed tones. I am the Unblinking Eye! The Thing That Should Not Be—!"

Description Edit

Margane is a Human warlock played by Scott Born in season two.

Margane has ebony skin, as well as a white forked beard and piercing blue eyes. He is skinny build and looks like a person in his 30s.

When Margane talks to people, he rarely looks them straight in the eyes, he generally stares off in random directions. He often uses telepathy to talk directly into people's minds instead of normal conversation. He likes to pry into the thoughts of other people, regardless of whether the information is important. Margane also smokes a lot of Silverweed.

In his hunger after knowledge, Margane has made a pact with Y'golonac the Defiler, one of The Great Old Ones.



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