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Kyle edits this lovely podcast and manages the social media presence for Tabletop Champions on twitter and Discord. Besides his penchant for collecting decorative snuff boxes, and obsessively listening to the recording artist KE$HA, his true raison d'être (besides his lovely bride) is the editing of the podcast. He is further known for his love of churros, seltzer, and Baja Blast.

This podcast exists primarily because of Kyle's love of podcasts and insistence in the healing powers of guano. If you go to ComicCon, look for his surprisingly accurate cosplay in homage to Rin from Fate Stay Night! He was born in 1985.

Characters played by Kyle[]

Memorable Quotes[]

"Listen, all I ask is if you're gonna shame me on that, first set up a wiki for us, fill out all the information, and then, when I can fact check it against all the work you've done, I will trust you."025


Find Kyle @fung on twitter.