Irulan originally had 6 major gods: Corellon, Sehanine and The Raven Queen who are neutral to neutral good, Zehir and Vecna who are chaotic evil and Torog who is lawful evil.

The three good god represent the circle of life. Corellon represents spring and birth, Sehanine represents fall and late life, and the Raven Queen represents death.

In Season 1Edit

  • Sehanine and the Raven Queen play a pivotal role in the plot if season one.
  • Nedylene achieves deity status, involuntarily.

In Season 2Edit

  • Taking place at least 2000 years after season one, the gods have fallen silent.
  • Caldious Argonaut is from the Warmage College. Their patron is the Raven Queen. By the end of the season, she plays a particularly important role.
  • Aramel, D'Nias and Skrag achieve deity status.

In Season 3Edit

  • Moradin plays an important role in the plot of season two. Furthermore, we learn about their role in the creation of Irulan.

In Season 4Edit

  • Sehanine is known to be worshipped in the village of Orlane.

In Season 5Edit

S5 btg1

"Banner of the True God" (fanart)

  • Kri'zakth, originally from Naluri, is of growing influence in Irulan under the title "the True God"187190. They seem to have swayed the Drow form the influence of Lloth.

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