Irulan is the high fantasy realm and setting for the Tabletop Champions podcast in the seasons one, two, three, and five. Season four takes place in the realm of Naluri.

Realms of the RealmEdit

Five main realms existed in Irulan before the Shock:

Map of Irulan

Irulan before the Shock

The people of Irulan chose a king through elections. A Council of Nine assembled representatives from powerful houses and advised the king. This political order collapsed after the Shock.

In the current era, Minerva Ward attempted to reclaim the crown by leading the humanoids of Irulan into a civil war against the animal folk people, but she failed.

History of the RealmEdit

The known history of Irulan as established by Sean, your dungeon master, literally spans over milennia. It can be roughly (and non-canonically) devided into eras:

  • Irulan Ancient History (IAH): recounted in episodes 000, 124 and 132.
  • Pre-Crystal Era (PCE): concludes with the end of season one and erased from the current timeline through actions of The Chosen Five.
  • Crystal Era (CE): begins with episode 048 and lasts for at least 2000 years. Concludes with the end of season two and the Shock.
  • Post-Eutax Era (PXE): begins in the moment of the Shock. Era for season three, and after another 25 years, continued in season five.

Religions of the RealmEdit

Days in the RealmEdit

Episode 061 introduces the days of the week:

  • Sunsphere
  • Mondane
  • Twelethyn
  • Waterday
  • Torrinsday, named after Torrin
  • Sol
  • Satyrday

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