Haven is a town located in the southern part of Irulan, next to The Lost Woods. It is sitting between the two cities New Doladon and Trenton, and especially New Doladon have been a bane to Haven.

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In Haven both new and old races are welcome. It is a safehold for everybody who is hurt by war and persecution.

Haven is surrounded by palisade walls, which protect the town against the different kinds of attacks they have experience. Inside the walls, there is a few buildings, a few ramshackle homesteads and in the southern part of the there is still tents. Haven is governed by a small council of four that was chosen by people of Haven. The members include Shelia, Roth Haludren, Gauldrin Valstag and Myrta Azeal.

One of the building in Haven is an orphanage founded by Colin, Minos, Ren, Alenia and Elyron. Besides housing children, the orphanage also function as the base headquarter of operation.


Haven was founded as a town by Colin, Minos, Ren, Alenia and Elyron. It was founded as a result of all the refugees created by The Shock. When the PCs first met in the place that would become Haven, it was kind of like a tent city camp. The PCs decided to create a more permanent solution, forming a township called Haven. The players helped forming social structures. After the city's structure was established the players decided to step down from the running of the town. Instead they founded The Havenguard, who is protecting the city.

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