This page archives twitter links to older fanart for the Tabletop Champions podcast which used to be listed on the wiki home page.

The links listed here should each be checked in three steps:

  1. Test if the link still exists.
  2. Assess if the fanart shared should be included on this wiki.
  3. Ask permission (via twitter) to include the fanart on this wiki (mark the date when the request was extended on this page).

This page must be deleted once:

  1. All the links have been tested.
  2. Permission has been asked to include fanart on this wiki, resulting in either: (a) inclusion of the work; (b) denial of the request; (c) 30 days have passed since permission has been asked.
  3. All remaining links are marked as not fitting for this wiki.
  4. An additional 30 days have passed once all the links have been marked.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

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