Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 5
No. Title Release Link
185 We Find Ourselves 26 February 2019 Link
Irpaks, Throden, Fanel, Raquel and Clover awaken together in the back of a cart as prisoners of a group of Drow. They must fight for their freedom with the help of a mysterious ally.
186 New God Who Dis 5 March 2019 Link
Raquel is missing a stone. The party is getting to know each other during a rest in the woods. The following day, they track a Drow horseman to a nearby hamlet and meet Lacey, who asks them to deal with a couple of hags.
187 Lick the Sword 12 March 2019 Link
The group spends a night at the Khul Tavern. The next day, they find a hag hut in the forest and battle Granny Zella and Auntie Milldread, but the hags escape. They find Dawn, a magical Silver Disc and a hags' grimoire.
188 Have a Great Summer! 19 March 2019 Link
The adventurers track the hags back to their lair and have to fight them to the death.
189 Hold On! 26 March 2019 Link
The group collects Dawn and returns triumphantly to the Khul Tavern, where Lacey throws them a King of the Bar competition.
190 Becoming the Monster 2 April 2019 Link
The party spends the night at the Khul Tavern and starts their journey back to Haven the next morning, with Dawn in tow. On the way there, they learn great mysteries from the hags' grimoire.
191 Interlude – Family 16 April 2019 Link
Skrag Ragnall and D'Nias Var receive a burning letter from their daughter Laura-Leena and travel to Westphalia in order to investigate the fate of some missing Burning Arrow scouts.
192 Interlude – A Lesson 24 April 2019 Link
Soloman Than and Hibiscus Tortle have missed their shift in the Havenguard and are taught a lesson by Vrath.
193 Fire! 7 May 2019 Link
The adventurers must rush to defend Haven with the aid of a mysterious ally in the shape of a dinosaur.
194 Healing Punch 14 May 2019 Link
Throden meets his wife, whom he thought was dead. He and the others attend a town meeting to discuss the recent attack on Haven. Meanwhile, Fanel notices that Dawn is missing.
195 Gone Missing 21 May 2019 Link
Fanel is looking for Dawn in the Fey Forest near Haven, but only gets a weird scar. At the tavern in town, he hears she has been taken to Trenton. Clover has to face his parents.
196 Goodbye 28 May 2019 Link
The group spends a day in Haven before an important meeting with Silo.
197 A Bumpy Start 5 June 2019 Link
Raquel, Irpaks and Clover get to know one another on their journey to Trenton. During the night, a deadly foe attacks them.
198 Bad Influences 11 June 2019 Link
Once in Trenton, Irpaks, Raquel and Clover meet Thendren Flamebeard at Percipa's Star. Meanwhile Fanel and Throden are looking for Dawn.
199 Parkour! 18 June 2019 Link
Irpaks, Raquel and Clover break into Sir Wellington's estate. Fanel and Throden are being followed, and they pursue a shady monk from the Sun and Branches Order back to the very same estate, where they meet Leo.
200 A Journey 25 June 2019 Link
The party must escape Sir Wellington's estate. Trenton is attacked by Tode over the dagger Raquel stole, and Thendren Flamebeard helps them escape the massacre. He hands them a scroll from Grifto that whisks them away into the Plane of Mischief.
201 Deeper In 2 July 2019 Link
Raquel leads the group through a labyrinth in Goblin City in a race to save a child from an unknown party.
202 Hug Reciprocation 9 July 2019 Link
Everyone just needs a hug from time to time, right?
203 The Race 19 July 2019 Link
Grifto's race to the finish will have you on the edge of your seat!
204 Up and Out 6 August 2019 Link
Our heroes return to Irulan and are met by the Havenguard, who escort them back to Haven. Clover faces a big life choice.
205 A New Friend? 14 August 2019 Link
Leaving Haven, the group meets an unusual traveling trader by the name of Lisan along the way.
206 Leaky T Word 24 August 2019 Link
Once in New Doladon, Irpaks lures the group to a tavern in the guise of Tendra Dippins. Raquel meets Shaye for important business. Lisan takes Fanel on a shopping tour the monk won't soon forget.
207 Numbing the Voices 14 September 2019 Link
At the Leaky Tankard, Lisan's cooking traumatizes Fanel. Raquel tries talking shop with the Tiefling. Tendra Dippins is called to a secret meeting.
208 Reunions and Recoveries 20 September 2019 Link
Tendra Dippins touches base with a mysterious ally. The group spends a night at the Leaky Tankard, but gets into trouble with some guards the next morning.
209 Corpse Disposal 27 September 2019 Link
The group needs to hide a whole bunch of dead guards. Afterward, Raquel hurries them out of New Doladon. She arranges for a ship's passage to Aramel's Rest from Avisac.
210 The Journey Onwards 4 October 2019 Link
The party start their journey to Avisac. Along the way, they find the ruins of Throden's home village. It has a dangerous new inhabitant.
211 Bumpy Roads Ahead 18 October 2019 Link
Raquel hurries the group to Avisac, ignoring a dangerous cavern along the way. Irpaks receives another dream revelation from Milil, and Lisan has to face Fanel's true feelings.
212 To The Docks! 26 October 2019 Link
Fanel and Throden learn that a bounty was put on their head. Raquel and Lisan meet a contact, then take the group on board the Butt of the Joke. The ship takes them to Aramel's Rest.
213 A Confession 1 November 2019 Link
At Aramel's Rest, the adventurers crash at Raquel's Maison Derrière for some much needed R&R, but Raquel intends to finally pour her heart out to Aramel.
214 A Trip 8 November 2019 Link
Shaken from the attack on Maison Derrière, the group goes on a mushroom-induced vision quest. Raquel steps down as Madame and resolves to search for Aramel. Lisan interviews another corpse.
215 Corpse Disposal Pt. 2 5 December 2019 Link
The party does some research before getting ready to leave the island. Fanel and Raquel seek out Magdala, who sees all.
216 We've Squabbled Long Enough 13 December 2019 Link
Raquel decides to steer the Butt of the Joke to Blackrock. The party make their way to the Leering Tower to find expected and unexpected surprises.
217 Leaning Tower Of Puzzles 20 December 2019 Link
Climbing the Leering Tower, the group finds Markus' library and lots of lore. Then a surprise guest appears.
218 Zones Of Truth 27 December 2019 Link
The party huddles up with Kallastin Sallerov to exchange what they know about the Darkness over Irulan. Then the Tiefling offers to take them to the Ziragzar Spires, but first they must follow him to hell and back.
219 Regular Old Normal Failure 3 January 2019 Link
Kallas has led the party into the deepest layer of hell. Traps and guards stand in between them and an old friend.
220 Hunt for the Rod with Clover 10 January 2020 Link
The adventurers, including Kallas and Clover Blossom, discover much of Asmodeus' secrets, including the famed Ruby Rod, but then plans go awry.
221 Bright Lights 17 January 2020 Link
The group manages to find a way to leave hell, into the dark unknown, where they are joined by very unexpected company. They receive a new mission, but then they are reminded of the cost to escape hell.
222 Showdown 24 January 2020 Link
n/a Season 4 and 5 Retrospective 31 January 2020 Link
The podcast crew reviews the events of season four and season five, and introduces details about season six. They also answer listener questions.
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