Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 2
No. Title Release Link
049 Intermission 1 June 2016 Link
The podcast crew, including the new member Stephanie, answer listener questions and introduce their player characters for season two. Sean gives many details about new lore for the season.
050 New Beginnings 8 June 2016 Link
051 An Adventure 15 June 2016 Link
052 Big Stinky Boy 22 June 2016 Link
053 Tourney Trouble 29 June 2016 Link
054 A Simple Misunderstanding 6 July 2016 Link
The party has fled from the guard of Caer Cane into the Withered Woods. Their camp gets attacked by an assassin who is after the dagger they have. When they try to return to the city, a search party finds them first. Eutax tries to trick the captain, but a fight breaks out anyway.
055 Meat People Are Gross 13 July 2016 Link
The group interrogates a prisoner and decides to leave their dagger with him. Then they travel to the coast, and run afoul of an elderly lady who is supposed to row them to Percy's pirate ship, the Cutter. They pay for passage to Rhayada, and that same night, the ship gets into a sea battle with the royal navy from Avisac.
056 Heh, Poop Deck 20 July 2016 Link
The adventurers meets Percy, captain of the Cutter. He wants them to help Alvin complete a secret mission. Caldious gathers intel in the boat. The group then lands on an island, and attempts to steal a chest from a Banshee.
057 Spoiler Alert 27 July 2016 Link
The adventurers attempt to escape the Pirate Sanctuary with a treasure they stole for Percy, but Caldious and Annungilon stay behind.
058 A Pirate's Life 3 August 2016 Link
The party learns what exactly they stole for Percy. The captain also sends Aramel along with them to Rhayada. In the notorious port city, they meet with a mysterious contact, who sends them on to the Centaur Woods. Before they leave, Skrag meets an aquiantance named Margane who might bring light into the murder of D'Nias' family.
059 You Promised! 10 August 2016 Link
Eutax convinces Margane to come along when they leave to meet Ralphie in the Centaur Woods. On their way to Phalcon, they run into some trouble with the royal guard. Later, their rest gets rudely interrupted.
060 Daddy Shirt 17 August 2016 Link
The group's camp is disturbed by a little girl with a pumpkin who seems lost, but steals D'Nias name. Then they have to fight the girl and her fey friends. Venturing on, they find the hamlet of Phalcon deep in the Centaur Woods, where they meet Ralphie.
061 The Dunkey Cart 25 August 2016 Link
In Phalcon, the party spends some time planning their next steps, establishing a lot of lore along the way. Ralphie suggests they travel through the Underdark and recommends guides. The group travels to the Ziragzar Spires, and finds Relious and Nalious waiting for them in a cave.
062 Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger 31 August 2016 Link
The party follows Relious and Nalious into the Underdark, but they want to split soon, suggesting the group takes a more dangerous route to avoid a drow city. They soon meet several myconids, and when Margane wanders into their holy grove, a fight breaks out.
063 Skinny Dippin' 6 September 2016 Link
The gang meets Relious and Nalious as promised, but they do not want to guide the party any further. Instead, the drow give them a map and advise them to meet Erika at "The Light in the Dark", which turns out to be a tavern. Erika decides to join them and helps them with gear to dive deep into the dark pool outside her tavern.
064 Dingle Dangle 13 September 2016 Link
Erika and the party dive deep into a dark pool and must fight against the chuul that lurks within. Barely out of the water, an umber hulk attacks them. Later they run into a hostile mining operation from Avisac, so Erika suggests a longer route to avoid it.
065 A Research Shove 20 September 2016 Link
066 A Frat Broventure 28 September 2016 Link
067 A Real Boy 5 October 2016 Link
068 And Your Little Dog Too! 11 October 2016 Link
069 Thoradin's Day 18 October 2016 Link
The adventurers and Erika have discovered a hidden city in the Underdark, where the legendary Children of Moradin have survived. Once inside, the residents treat the party like saints from ancient prophecy.
070 Saint Swiggin's Day 25 October 2016 Link
The group becomes witness to criminal activity in the city, and the guard seems to adhere to their judgement calls. Later they meet Thoradin, the last king of the Children of Moradin, who explains their prophecy to the group, and that he received it from the Oculous, which he wants them to have. Next the prophecy comes true, and the party has to escape the flooding city.
071 Making An Exit 1 November 2016 Link
Having escaped the fall of the dwarven race, the party needs to find a new path forward. Luckily, the solid earth itself rises away from them, grows legs and walks into the sea, catapulting them into the air. They have to fly to safety, landing near the smoldering ruins of Forlonde, where a farmer takes them in for a night.
072 Daddy Issues 8 November 2016 Link
S'Aind receives a vision from the Oculous and meets her adoptive father. Later they travel north, and meet the fatherly Kish. When they attempt to leave him behind, he tries to abduct S'Aind, so they have to fight his multiplying selves to the death.
073 Worst. Goof. Ever. 15 November 2016 Link
The party tries pushing north through the Pachuamong Forest, but starts to get lost, when they hear a strange voice offering them guidance. Eutax follows the tree-like creature, who leads them even further astray to slaughter them. Skrag brings the fight to an epic finish. Later they make camp, and Margane becomes the Master of Names in a dream.
074 You Go Girl 22 November 2016 Link
Margane has become Master of Names and Prince of Plenty. He and Morrum are now one, and he gives D'Nias back her name. Then Gavin the Alehouse Drake crashes into a nearby tree and needs help. Later they meet his gnomish troop, who are on their way to Rhayada and have quite the news for the party. The gnomes also help them get back on their way to Phalcon.
075 Chaos into Order 29 November 2016 Link
Back in the Centaur Woods, the group gets ambushed by assassins from Avisac, who are after the Oculous. Back in Phaclon, the party shocks Ralphie and Erika when they tell them of their adventure. However, the women admit they are with the Order of the Raven, and that they know who D'Nias and her actual parents really are.
076 Reunion 6 December 2016 Link
077 The First Step 13 December 2016 Link
078 More To Love 21 December 2016 Link
079 Unflyinged It 27 December 2016 Link
080 Beyond Hope 3 January 2017 Link
081 This Is Why You Have Rope 10 January 2017 Link
The group meets Trissa Hewold in Hewold and promises to help the city with its problems. The following day, they mess with a tax collector.
082 Fugue State 17 January 2017 Link
083 Donk Off 24 January 2017 Link
084 Passed Out Dummy 31 January 2017 Link
085 In The Meat Time 7 February 2017 Link
086 The Trash Room 14 February 2017 Link
087 Eutax Prime 21 February 2017 Link
The adventurers finally meet Eutax Prime and Eutax must come to terms with his master.
088 Big Strong Boy Arm 28 February 2017 Link
Margane leaves the group. The other adventurers start making their way to the Warmage College. During the night a mysterious character named Mut joins their camp.
089 Donk Onward 7 March 2017 Link
090 Eutax on Ice 14 March 2017 Link
091 Leaky Meat People 21 March 2017 Link
092 Boat Tip Spot 28 March 2017 Link
093 New Phone Who Dis? 4 April 2017 Link
094 The Feels 11 April 2017 Link
095 Can We Just Be Friends? 18 April 2017 Link
096 Redemption 25 April 2017 Link
097 Season 2 Retrospective 2 May 2017 Link
The podcast crew, including the new member Lauren, answer listener questions and introduce their player characters for season three.
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