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Season 6

Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 6
No. Title Release Link
223 Your Life as a Disk 7 February 2020 Link
224 3 Shots and a Long Rest 14 February 2020 Link
225 Bath Time 21 February 2020 Link
226 A Warm Reception 29 February 2020 Link
227 Making Soup 7 March 2020 Link
228 The Spire Place 14 March 2020 Link
229 Fireside Chat 21 March 2020 Link
230 A Burning Tree 13 April 2020 Link
231 High Rollers 27 April 2020 Link
232 Back Again 18 May 2020 Link
Back in Naluri, the party find themselves on the deck of a boat, just after they escaped Cadran's mansion in episode 226. They are lost in a snowy realm of giants, and Cam decides to butt in on their ancient prophecy.
233 Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Crown 25 May 2020 Link
234 So Fresh, So Clean 1 June 2020 Link
235 Testing 8 June 2020 Link
236 A Simple Proposition 15 June 2020 Link
237 Team Head Injury 28 June 2020 Link
238 Die-O-Rama 10 July 2020 Link
239 Sheep Pie 17 July 2020 Link
240 We Are Not Ready 8 August 2020 Link
241 Season 4, 5 & 6 Retrospective 14 August 2020 Link

Season 5

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Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 5
No. Title Release Link
185 We Find Ourselves 26 February 2019 Link
Irpaks, Throden, Fanel, Raquel and Clover awaken together in the back of a cart as prisoners of a group of Drow. They must fight for their freedom with the help of a mysterious ally.
186 New God Who Dis 5 March 2019 Link
Raquel is missing a stone. The party is getting to know each other during a rest in the woods. The following day, they track a Drow horseman to a nearby hamlet and meet Lacey, who asks them to deal with a couple of hags.
187 Lick the Sword 12 March 2019 Link
The group spends a night at the Khul Tavern. The next day, they find a hag hut in the forest and battle Granny Zella and Auntie Milldread, but the hags escape. They find Dawn, a magical Silver Disc and a hags' grimoire.
188 Have a Great Summer! 19 March 2019 Link
The adventurers track the hags back to their lair and have to fight them to the death.
189 Hold On! 26 March 2019 Link
The group collects Dawn and returns triumphantly to the Khul Tavern, where Lacey throws them a King of the Bar competition.
190 Becoming the Monster 2 April 2019 Link
The party spends the night at the Khul Tavern and starts their journey back to Haven the next morning, with Dawn in tow. On the way there, they learn great mysteries from the hags' grimoire.
191 Interlude – Family 16 April 2019 Link
Skrag Ragnall and D'Nias Var receive a burning letter from their daughter Laura-Leena and travel to Westphalia in order to investigate the fate of some missing Burning Arrow scouts.
192 Interlude – A Lesson 24 April 2019 Link
Soloman Than and Hibiscus Tortle have missed their shift in the Havenguard and are taught a lesson by Vrath.
193 Fire! 7 May 2019 Link
The adventurers must rush to defend Haven with the aid of a mysterious ally in the shape of a dinosaur.
194 Healing Punch 14 May 2019 Link
Throden meets his wife, whom he thought was dead. He and the others attend a town meeting to discuss the recent attack on Haven. Meanwhile, Fanel notices that Dawn is missing.
195 Gone Missing 21 May 2019 Link
Fanel is looking for Dawn in the Fey Forest near Haven, but only gets a weird scar. At the tavern in town, he hears she has been taken to Trenton. Clover has to face his parents.
196 Goodbye 28 May 2019 Link
The group spends a day in Haven before an important meeting with Silo.
197 A Bumpy Start 5 June 2019 Link
Raquel, Irpaks and Clover get to know one another on their journey to Trenton. During the night, a deadly foe attacks them.
198 Bad Influences 11 June 2019 Link
Once in Trenton, Irpaks, Raquel and Clover meet Thendren Flamebeard at Percipa's Star. Meanwhile Fanel and Throden are looking for Dawn.
199 Parkour! 18 June 2019 Link
Irpaks, Raquel and Clover break into Sir Wellington's estate. Fanel and Throden are being followed, and they pursue a shady monk from the Sun and Branches Order back to the very same estate, where they meet Leo.
200 A Journey 25 June 2019 Link
The party must escape Sir Wellington's estate. Trenton is attacked by Tode over the dagger Raquel stole, and Thendren Flamebeard helps them escape the massacre. He hands them a scroll from Grifto that whisks them away into the Plane of Mischief.
201 Deeper In 2 July 2019 Link
Raquel leads the group through a labyrinth in Goblin City in a race to save a child from an unknown party.
202 Hug Reciprocation 9 July 2019 Link
Everyone just needs a hug from time to time, right?
203 The Race 19 July 2019 Link
Grifto's race to the finish will have you on the edge of your seat!
204 Up and Out 6 August 2019 Link
Our heroes return to Irulan and are met by the Havenguard, who escort them back to Haven. Clover faces a big life choice.
205 A New Friend? 14 August 2019 Link
Leaving Haven, the group meets an unusual traveling trader by the name of Lisan along the way.
206 Leaky T Word 24 August 2019 Link
Once in New Doladon, Irpaks lures the group to a tavern in the guise of Tendra Dippins. Raquel meets Shaye for important business. Lisan takes Fanel on a shopping tour the monk won't soon forget.
207 Numbing the Voices 14 September 2019 Link
At the Leaky Tankard, Lisan's cooking traumatizes Fanel. Raquel tries talking shop with the Tiefling. Tendra Dippins is called to a secret meeting.
208 Reunions and Recoveries 20 September 2019 Link
Tendra Dippins touches base with a mysterious ally. The group spends a night at the Leaky Tankard, but gets into trouble with some guards the next morning.
209 Corpse Disposal 27 September 2019 Link
The group needs to hide a whole bunch of dead guards. Afterward, Raquel hurries them out of New Doladon. She arranges for a ship's passage to Aramel's Rest from Avisac.
210 The Journey Onwards 4 October 2019 Link
The party start their journey to Avisac. Along the way, they find the ruins of Throden's home village. It has a dangerous new inhabitant.
211 Bumpy Roads Ahead 18 October 2019 Link
Raquel hurries the group to Avisac, ignoring a dangerous cavern along the way. Irpaks receives another dream revelation from Milil, and Lisan has to face Fanel's true feelings.
212 To The Docks! 26 October 2019 Link
Fanel and Throden learn that a bounty was put on their head. Raquel and Lisan meet a contact, then take the group on board the Butt of the Joke. The ship takes them to Aramel's Rest.
213 A Confession 1 November 2019 Link
At Aramel's Rest, the adventurers crash at Raquel's Maison Derrière for some much needed R&R, but Raquel intends to finally pour her heart out to Aramel.
214 A Trip 8 November 2019 Link
Shaken from the attack on Maison Derrière, the group goes on a mushroom-induced vision quest. Raquel steps down as Madame and resolves to search for Aramel. Lisan interviews another corpse.
215 Corpse Disposal Pt. 2 5 December 2019 Link
The party does some research before getting ready to leave the island. Fanel and Raquel seek out Magdala, who sees all.
216 We've Squabbled Long Enough 13 December 2019 Link
Raquel decides to steer the Butt of the Joke to Blackrock. The party make their way to the Leering Tower to find expected and unexpected surprises.
217 Leaning Tower Of Puzzles 20 December 2019 Link
Climbing the Leering Tower, the group finds Markus' library and lots of lore. Then a surprise guest appears.
218 Zones Of Truth 27 December 2019 Link
The party huddles up with Kallastin Sallerov to exchange what they know about the Darkness over Irulan. Then the Tiefling offers to take them to the Ziragzar Spires, but first they must follow him to hell and back.
219 Regular Old Normal Failure 3 January 2019 Link
Kallas has led the party into the deepest layer of hell. Traps and guards stand in between them and an old friend.
220 Hunt for the Rod with Clover 10 January 2020 Link
The adventurers, including Kallas and Clover Blossom, discover much of Asmodeus' secrets, including the famed Ruby Rod, but then plans go awry.
221 Bright Lights 17 January 2020 Link
The group manages to find a way to leave hell, into the dark unknown, where they are joined by very unexpected company. They receive a new mission, but then they are reminded of the cost to escape hell.
222 Showdown 24 January 2020 Link
n/a Season 4 and 5 Retrospective 31 January 2020 Link
The podcast crew reviews the events of season four and season five, and introduces details about season six. They also answer listener questions.

Season 4

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Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 4
No. Title Release Link
145 A New Adventure 3 May 2018 Link
In Bryce's Landing, Kallastin Sallerov inquires about a fallen comrade and finds the rest of his group, including Cyrus Sabal, Boone and Brenna Lightfoot, at the Captain's Cat. Samjasa joins them and has a favor to ask, but Cam weasels his way into the quest.
146 Math is Hard 8 May 2018 Link
In the village of Orlane, cultists attempt to abduct Boone and Brenna. When the party follows a secret tunnel under the town, they find their way into a temple.
147 Chicken Investigation 15 May 2018 Link
Something's foul in the village of Orlane. After finding suspicious evidence at the Golden Grain Inn, the group hatches a plan to spy on a cult. Things go awry of course, and they get into a fight.
148 An Unlikely Grouping 22 May 2018 Link
The party is fighting cultists in Orlane. Cyrus loots a weird dagger from them. Later, they scout the nearby swampland and find an abode with a hidden cellar, including a cistern. Brenna pushes Cyrus into the water, who turns into a snake.
149 Sand Pit 29 May 2018 Link
At the end of a long dive, the party finds a hidden temple, where evil cultists worship an aspect of Asmodeus. The group interrupts a ritual, after which the spell on the townsfolk of Orlane is broken.
150 A Children 5 June 2018 Link
After wrapping up their business in Orlane, the party returns to Bryce's Landing to report back to Samjasa. Kallas follows up on the investigation about his dead friend Tinker Gildrop.
151 Whatever It Takes 12 June 2018 Link
152 Zenith Ocho 19 June 2018 Link
153 That Back Door 26 June 2018 Link
154 Good Javelin Toss 2: Electric Boogaloo 3 July 2018 Link
155 Yelp but for Exorcism 10 July 2018 Link
156 SSSF 17 July 2018 Link
157 A Pretty Cool Hover Cart 24 July 2018 Link
158 Did I Do That? 31 July 2018 Link
159 Blue 7 August 2018 Link
160 Bam or Boom 14 August 2018 Link
161 Baggage 29 August 2018 Link
162 Go Directly to Jail 3 September 2018 Link
The group finds an unexpected way out of Ebreosea's dungeons. Their benefactor comes as a surprise, as does a revelation about Cam's background, a new and exclusive home base, and a calamity striking the city.
163 Magical Uber 11 September 2018 Link
164 Luggage 18 September 2018 Link
165 Just Search Turtles 25 September 2018 Link
166 1-757-5CHAMPS 3 October 2018 Link
167 Mystery Box 9 October 2018 Link
168 A Kobold?!? 16 October 2018 Link
169 Nice 24 October 2018 Link
170 Death of a Flower 30 October 2018 Link
171 It's Happening 16 November 2018 Link
172 Napping on the Job 13 November 2018 Link
173 Adventurer Soup 20 November 2018 Link
174 Kallas Korner 29 November 2018 Link
175 An Old Friend 5 December 2018 Link
176 Treasure Hunt 11 December 2018 Link
177 Unleashed 18 December 2018 Link
Merry December 25th 25 December 2018 Link
178 A Knock 8 January 2019 Link
179 Hut Stuff 15 January 2019 Link
180 Perfect Bodyguard 22 January 2019 Link
181 We Need to Have a Talk 29 January 2019 Link
182 Magic It in the Butt 5 February 2019 Link
183 Until Dawn 12 February 2019 Link
184 Into the Dark 19 February 2019 Link

Season 3

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Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 3
No. Title Release Link
098 The Havenguard 9 May 2017 Link
099 The Sword in the Stone 16 May 2017 Link
100 Emotional Cage 23 May 2017 Link
101 Part Of Your World 30 May 2017 Link
102 Fiery Tethers 6 June 2017 Link
103 Torture Intervention 13 June 2017 Link
104 Turtle Power 20 June 2017 Link
105 Wild Ride 27 June 2017 Link
106 Winter 4 July 2017 Link
107 Not Cool, Not Tight 11 July 2017 Link
108 Boaty McBoatface 18 July 2017 Link
109 Inheritance 25 July 2017 Link
110 Salty Seas 8 August 2017 Link
111 A Fate Worse Than Death 15 August 2017 Link
112 Poking the Beard 22 August 2017 Link
113 Animals of the Corn 29 August 2017 Link
114 How Do You Bing? 5 September 2017 Link
115 A Soft Torrin 12 September 2017 Link
116 Under The Sea 19 September 2017 Link
117 Pearl Business 27 September 2017 Link
118 Triangle Math 3 October 2017 Link
119 In the Arms of a Starfish 10 October 2017 Link
120 Heavy Metal Lisa Frank 17 October 2017 Link
121 Finding Our Friend 24 October 2017 Link
122 A Fair Trade 31 October 2017 Link
123 Hot Potato 7 November 2017 Link
124 All the Way Back 14 November 2017 Link
125 A Real Irulanian 21 November 2017 Link
126 Terminal Velocity 28 November 2017 Link
127 Camp Out 6 December 2017 Link
128 Off to Hell 19 December 2017 Link
129 Talking Apples 26 December 2017 Link
130 Bright Bluebird Day 2 January 2018 Link
131 A Sucky Time 9 January 2018 Link
132 A Short Diversion 16 January 2018 Link
133 The Cost 24 January 2018 Link
134 The Forest 30 January 2018 Link
135 The Wild 6 February 2018 Link
136 Yaass 13 February 2018 Link
137 Release the Kra... 27 February 2018 Link
138 Horse Joke 6 March 2018 Link
139 Shippin' 13 March 2018 Link
140 Our Dungeoncrawl with Andre 20 March 2018 Link
A special guest, an epic quest.
141 The Flame of Hope 1 April 2018 Link
142 Go Time 7 April 2018 Link
The Havenguard confronts Alenia in Rhayada and has to prevent the execution of Havish McTavish. After their escape to Haven, they make an unexpected discovery.
143 The Final Stand 17 April 2018 Link
144 Irulan Retrospective 27 April 2018 Link

Season 2

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Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 2
No. Title Release Link
049 Intermission 1 June 2016 Link
The podcast crew, including the new member Stephanie, answer listener questions and introduce their player characters for season two. Sean gives many details about new lore for the season.
050 New Beginnings 8 June 2016 Link
051 An Adventure 15 June 2016 Link
052 Big Stinky Boy 22 June 2016 Link
053 Tourney Trouble 29 June 2016 Link
054 A Simple Misunderstanding 6 July 2016 Link
The party has fled from the guard of Caer Cane into the Withered Woods. Their camp gets attacked by an assassin who is after the dagger they have. When they try to return to the city, a search party finds them first. Eutax tries to trick the captain, but a fight breaks out anyway.
055 Meat People Are Gross 13 July 2016 Link
The group interrogates a prisoner and decides to leave their dagger with him. Then they travel to the coast, and run afoul of an elderly lady who is supposed to row them to Percy's pirate ship, the Cutter. They pay for passage to Rhayada, and that same night, the ship gets into a sea battle with the royal navy from Avisac.
056 Heh, Poop Deck 20 July 2016 Link
The adventurers meets Percy, captain of the Cutter. He wants them to help Alvin complete a secret mission. Caldious gathers intel in the boat. The group then lands on an island, and attempts to steal a chest from a Banshee.
057 Spoiler Alert 27 July 2016 Link
The adventurers attempt to escape the Pirate Sanctuary with a treasure they stole for Percy, but Caldious and Annungilon stay behind.
058 A Pirate's Life 3 August 2016 Link
The party learns what exactly they stole for Percy. The captain also sends Aramel along with them to Rhayada. In the notorious port city, they meet with a mysterious contact, who sends them on to the Centaur Woods. Before they leave, Skrag meets an aquiantance named Margane who might bring light into the murder of D'Nias' family.
059 You Promised! 10 August 2016 Link
Eutax convinces Margane to come along when they leave to meet Ralphie in the Centaur Woods. On their way to Phalcon, they run into some trouble with the royal guard. Later, their rest gets rudely interrupted.
060 Daddy Shirt 17 August 2016 Link
The group's camp is disturbed by a little girl with a pumpkin who seems lost, but steals D'Nias name. Then they have to fight the girl and her fey friends. Venturing on, they find the hamlet of Phalcon deep in the Centaur Woods, where they meet Ralphie.
061 The Dunkey Cart 25 August 2016 Link
In Phalcon, the party spends some time planning their next steps, establishing a lot of lore along the way. Ralphie suggests they travel through the Underdark and recommends guides. The group travels to the Ziragzar Spires, and finds Relious and Nalious waiting for them in a cave.
062 Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger 31 August 2016 Link
The party follows Relious and Nalious into the Underdark, but they want to split soon, suggesting the group takes a more dangerous route to avoid a drow city. They soon meet several myconids, and when Margane wanders into their holy grove, a fight breaks out.
063 Skinny Dippin' 6 September 2016 Link
The gang meets Relious and Nalious as promised, but they do not want to guide the party any further. Instead, the drow give them a map and advise them to meet Erika at "The Light in the Dark", which turns out to be a tavern. Erika decides to join them and helps them with gear to dive deep into the dark pool outside her tavern.
064 Dingle Dangle 13 September 2016 Link
Erika and the party dive deep into a dark pool and must fight against the chuul that lurks within. Barely out of the water, an umber hulk attacks them. Later they run into a hostile mining operation from Avisac, so Erika suggests a longer route to avoid it.
065 A Research Shove 20 September 2016 Link
066 A Frat Broventure 28 September 2016 Link
067 A Real Boy 5 October 2016 Link
068 And Your Little Dog Too! 11 October 2016 Link
069 Thoradin's Day 18 October 2016 Link
The adventurers and Erika have discovered a hidden city in the Underdark, where the legendary Children of Moradin have survived. Once inside, the residents treat the party like saints from ancient prophecy.
070 Saint Swiggin's Day 25 October 2016 Link
The group becomes witness to criminal activity in the city, and the guard seems to adhere to their judgement calls. Later they meet Thoradin, the last king of the Children of Moradin, who explains their prophecy to the group, and that he received it from the Oculous, which he wants them to have. Next the prophecy comes true, and the party has to escape the flooding city.
071 Making An Exit 1 November 2016 Link
Having escaped the fall of the dwarven race, the party needs to find a new path forward. Luckily, the solid earth itself rises away from them, grows legs and walks into the sea, catapulting them into the air. They have to fly to safety, landing near the smoldering ruins of Forlonde, where a farmer takes them in for a night.
072 Daddy Issues 8 November 2016 Link
S'Aind receives a vision from the Oculous and meets her adoptive father. Later they travel north, and meet the fatherly Kish. When they attempt to leave him behind, he tries to abduct S'Aind, so they have to fight his multiplying selves to the death.
073 Worst. Goof. Ever. 15 November 2016 Link
The party tries pushing north through the Pachuamong Forest, but starts to get lost, when they hear a strange voice offering them guidance. Eutax follows the tree-like creature, who leads them even further astray to slaughter them. Skrag brings the fight to an epic finish. Later they make camp, and Margane becomes the Master of Names in a dream.
074 You Go Girl 22 November 2016 Link
Margane has become Master of Names and Prince of Plenty. He and Morrum are now one, and he gives D'Nias back her name. Then Gavin the Alehouse Drake crashes into a nearby tree and needs help. Later they meet his gnomish troop, who are on their way to Rhayada and have quite the news for the party. The gnomes also help them get back on their way to Phalcon.
075 Chaos into Order 29 November 2016 Link
Back in the Centaur Woods, the group gets ambushed by assassins from Avisac, who are after the Oculous. Back in Phaclon, the party shocks Ralphie and Erika when they tell them of their adventure. However, the women admit they are with the Order of the Raven, and that they know who D'Nias and her actual parents really are.
076 Reunion 6 December 2016 Link
077 The First Step 13 December 2016 Link
078 More To Love 21 December 2016 Link
079 Unflyinged It 27 December 2016 Link
080 Beyond Hope 3 January 2017 Link
081 This Is Why You Have Rope 10 January 2017 Link
The group meets Trissa Hewold in Hewold and promises to help the city with its problems. The following day, they mess with a tax collector.
082 Fugue State 17 January 2017 Link
083 Donk Off 24 January 2017 Link
084 Passed Out Dummy 31 January 2017 Link
085 In The Meat Time 7 February 2017 Link
086 The Trash Room 14 February 2017 Link
087 Eutax Prime 21 February 2017 Link
The adventurers finally meet Eutax Prime and Eutax must come to terms with his master.
088 Big Strong Boy Arm 28 February 2017 Link
Margane leaves the group. The other adventurers start making their way to the Warmage College. During the night a mysterious character named Mut joins their camp.
089 Donk Onward 7 March 2017 Link
090 Eutax on Ice 14 March 2017 Link
091 Leaky Meat People 21 March 2017 Link
092 Boat Tip Spot 28 March 2017 Link
093 New Phone Who Dis? 4 April 2017 Link
094 The Feels 11 April 2017 Link
095 Can We Just Be Friends? 18 April 2017 Link
096 Redemption 25 April 2017 Link
097 Season 2 Retrospective 2 May 2017 Link
The podcast crew, including the new member Lauren, answer listener questions and introduce their player characters for season three.

Season 1

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Tabletop Champions episode guide: season 1
No. Title Release Link
000 Getting to know the Gang 15 May 2015 Link
We are introduced to Torrin, Paeris, Stark and Devin, who adventure in the magical realm of Irulan.
001 Building Ladders and Chucking Chickens 30 May 2015 Link
The party travels on Stebrook, the Floating City and take care of some business along the way. Once near Avisac, they find it trapped under a prismatic dome, and Torrin comes up with an ingenious way to test it.
002 Brawling and Bawling 5 June 2015 Link
The group fights some Order of the Raven members, then make it into the royal palace. They spent the last waking moments with the King of Irulan. Paeris' sister is there, and lies ill. Stark assembles the Oculous.
003 Frolicking for Faerie Flowers in the Forest 13 June 2015 Link
The heroes reluctantly explore a Fey forest near Avisac to secure the dew of a flower which will save the life of Paeris' sister.
004 Unexpected Renovations 20 June 2015 Link
While the group recuperates in Stebrook and Avisac, the Order of the Raven uses the opportunity to strike.
005 We don't need no stinking armbands! 27 June 2015 Link
The party attempts some damage control and throws a party at Tchochkie's. The following day, Momma has a tip for them which leads them into the vast undercity below Avisac.
006 T-Drag: Breaker of Chains 28 June 2015 Link
The heroes must escape the undercity below Avisac. Later, they venture to New Weedale and run into a gang of slavers on the way.
007 Paeris' nightmare 5 July 2015 Link
The group reaches New Weedale to find it occupied by refugees from Avisac who have appointed their own Lady Governor. Torrin has to fight her champion for the rights to the land and the town.
008 Spoils Of Battle 12 July 2015 Link
The party celebrates Torrin's recent victory at the newly rebranded "Tchochkie's Too" in New Weedale, but during the night they are attacked by assassins. Devin gives them special treatment.
009 Living Like a King 16 July 2015 Link
The King of Irulan has passed and Alvareis presses the Chosen for elections to an Interim King. Devin has a candidate in mind.
010 Strategery 23 July 2015 Link
The Chosen have decided to move against Yenpool. Devin steers Stebrook there very carefully.
011 Inside the Belly of the Beast 24 July 2015 Link
In the the Floating City of Stebrook inside the guts of a gargantuan angler fish, the party looks for an exit, but finds Jizzy Ribbits, who grants them a wish.
012 I Slick My Hair Back and Forth 26 July 2015 Link
In the Shadow Realm, a lich and Nightbreeze have captured Valanth and Bawk Bawk's owner. The Chosen intervene.
013 Celestial Mic Drop 30 July 2015 Link
The party finds a portal to the Celestial Plane and meets Sehanine, but the voyage comes with a hefty toll.
014 Fish Guts and Glory 1 August 2015 Link
Rushing back to Stebrook, the group defends it from a giant worm. Merethyl is stalking Stark.
015 Gag Reflex 4 August 2015 Link
Stebrook is regurgitated from the guts of a giant fish and sent hurling across Irulan. Paeris' funeral is prepared, and they reach Yenpool, which is under siege.
016 Ammit My Man 20 August 2015 Link
General Imhotep has the party break into Yenpool, but first they have to fight forgotten deities. Then they confront Siltharic Khasab.
017 Goodnight Sweet Duke 28 August 2015 Link
Yenpool is freed by the Chosen. They celebrate at Tchochkie's. The following day, Paeris' funeral is attacked.
018 Party of Five 5 September 2015 Link
Markus Landor seeks out the Chosen at Tchochkie's. Alvareis has news of an encroaching darkness, and the party investigates at New Weedale.
019 Commitment to Sparkle Motion 15 September 2015 Link
In the woods near New Weedale, Torrin finds Sparkles. They fight their way through the forest and find a dark cave.
020 Into the Wormhole 22 September 2015 Link
A remorhaz attacks the group. Later, they find a cabin in the woods.
021 Taut or Naut 6 October 2015 Link
The heroes find a troll under a bridge before they attack a group of Slaads who guard a demon portal.
022 A Nice Leisurely Troll 3 November 2015 Link
The party returns to Avisac and rescues Lupara along the way, but cultists use this moment to ambush them.
023 An Olive Branch 19 November 2015 Link
The group meets Alvareis, who has a message for them from Silaqui.
024 The Adventures Of Nedylene 24 November 2015 Link
The heroes meet Silaqui in the Underdark stronghold of Mecazeran.
025 Seeking Daylight 1 December 2015 Link
The group is trapped in Mecazeran, looking for an exit and Elizabet.
026 Biscuit or Muffin 7 December 2015 Link
The heroes find and rescue Elizabet, but the damage is done.
027 Trippin’ with Svirfneblin 15 December 2015 Link
The party escapes Mecazeran and returns to Stebrook to rest.
028 The Invention Of Cargo Shorts 22 December 2015 Link
Demon portals and evil cultists crop up faster than the Chosen can deal with them. Alvareis gets word from a Halfling who offers to help, so the party gears up for a dangerous expedition to the top of the world.
029 Dashing Through The Snow 25 December 2015 Link
The group manages to get past the giant guardian of the North, but is attacked by yetis.
030 Climbing with Tchatcho 29 December 2015 Link
The Chosen must scale dangerous cliffs and meet a group of Dwarfs, before they are attacked by an ice roc.
031 Non-Canonical Grandma 6 January 2016 Link
The group has finally found Ilander Hobblefeet and hear what he has to say.
032 My Boy Blue 12 January 2016 Link
The party start their return from the north pole and interrupt a cultist ritual. Devin does not make it.
033 Do You Even Armor Bro? 19 January 2016 Link
Devin's funeral is held in Stebrook, and the reception at Tchochkie's is attacked by cultists.
034 High Flying 1 February 2016 Link
Markus steers Stebrook southward to Llandy, where the party is invited to dinner by Aerohena Sylvari, but first they go shopping for magical items.
035 We Must Do Research! 13 February 2016 Link
The group join Aerohena Sylvari for dinner. Later, Markus collapses in the local library and gets the group to investigate. They discover the dangerous lich Acererak.
036 Heavy Metal Murder 17 February 2016 Link
The party wants to confront Aerohena Sylvari about the lich they just defeated, but find she is a hostage of cultists. When they try to intervene, they are attacked by a bone dragon.
037 Return of the Chosen 25 February 2016 Link
Markus steers the Floating City to Rhayada, and the party approaches on foot. Then Torrin walks into a trap.
038 Good Javelin Toss 3 March 2016 Link
A tribe of Bullywug charges Torrin with hatching their Dragonborn egg. The party then sneaks into Rhayada, and looks for a way to get into the city keep.
039 Bad Javelin Toss 14 March 2016 Link
Nedylene gathers intel while the rest of the group spends a day sightseeing in Rhayada.
040 I Done Goofed 30 March 2016 Link
Torrin has to face the music over what he did, but Dominic Blackwood does not agree with the verdict.
041 Hard Pass 4 April 2016 Link
The party escapes from Rhayada, then they float on Stebrook toward Loressea.
042 Into The Void 12 April 2016 Link
The gang must battle their way into Loressea.
043 Her Majesty 19 April 2016 Link
The Chosen have a fateful encounter before they explore Loressea.
044 The Crystal Spire 26 April 2016 Link
The heroes must fight a gazebo before they confront Silaqui.
045 Hello Darkness, My Old Friend 3 May 2016 Link
The party is called to Chaewood, but when they return to Stebrook, three nasty surprises await them.
046 The Assault on Avisac 10 May 2016 Link
The Chosen fly to Chaewood, where the last of the resistance against Torog has gathered.
047 Operation Cannonball 20 May 2016 Link
The Chosen meet their fate in the past and battle Torog, and Irulan is changed forever.
048 Into The Sunset 25 May 2016 Link
Torrin, Mercy, Stark, Merethyl and Markus break out from their crystals after 400 years and find the realm much different. The King of Irulan grants them favors, and we learn how the heroes live out the rest of their days.

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