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Opening Quote:
Six dead adventurers, ha ha ha!

Player introduction:
Lauren: Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions! I'm Lauren your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Stephanie who plays Raquel...
Stephanie (in Raquel's voice): Ahoy-hoy, dahlings!
Lauren: Kyle who plays Irpaks...
Kyle: *sound of soda can opening* Grip it and rip it, baby.
Lauren: Ben who plays Throden...
Ben: I've never understood why Rakshasa are considered so charming. All their compliments are backhanded.
Matt: Ohhhhhhh.
Lauren: I hate you. That was pretty good though.
Stephanie: No. Not funny, too soon. Kay?
Lauren: Matt who plays Fanel...
Matt: How do you - how do you know when a tree has way too much root beer? He won't stop texting his ax.
Lauren: Ohh, no. And Sean who plays Abutton.
Sean: Look I've gone like this entire season and I still don't have a little gag for Abutton, so I'm just gonna roll with that. Hi.
Lauren: So valid.

Episode SummaryEdit

The episode begins with the party reappearing in the star room. A blue glowing rune lights up inside a circle. Abutton hands the white piece of glass to Raquel. Raquel deduces that it's a piece of stained glass pried from a mural. There is a small dispute over whether Raquel is a professional thief, and then Fanel brings out the square piece of red glass he found237. They don't fit together, but they do appear to be from the same mural. They conclude they need more pieces, and should adventure on. Abutton steps into the circle and vanishes, followed by Irpaks and Raquel. Throden heals Fanel, and they jump into the circle.

They find themselves in darkness. Throden sees his village burning, his family fighting and dying. The Raven Queen goes to his wife and pulls her up, and they have a conversation. The scene changes to a battlefield where his companions are dying around him. He looks up at Krizakth, and hears that he is about to die, with no legacy. He is asked what he would give to save it. He says everything he has, and his body glows white, illuminating and then shattering the scene around him, and he finds himself standing in the corner of the star shaped room.

Raquel is approached by Aramel, looking disgusted. He says he could never love someone as selfish as her, and walks away. The scene changes, and finds herself faced with Aramel clinging to a cliff's edge, begging for her to save him. Raquel hears a voice asking if she would still save him, after he broke her heart. She says she always will, and pulls him up. Her form glows white, the scene dissipates, and she's back in the star room.

Irpaks is a child again, being taught about the form of Irpaks by his parent. He is given the dragonfly pendant and told that he is destined to record the facts and history of the world. The scene changes to him gathering stories of the most recent heroes to save Irulan, and then again to Irulan in ruins, the future if Krizakth wins. He is asked what he would give to save this world. He says, "Our legacy." There's a white glow, and he's back in the star room.

Fanel sees Leo being questioned by the order after he drove Fanel out. The scene changes to the oak tree burning, the order fighting amongst themselves, with Leo's followers winning. Then Fanel sees Leo after he and Throden escaped him in New Doladon. Leo reveals a tattoo on his right arm. He mutters an incantation, the tattoo glows purple and black, and a ball of energy shoots out into the street, creating a portal. A demon steps out and kills a woman. Fanel is told that he could have prevented this, if he had killed Leo. He is told he has a second chance. What will he do this time to prevent him hurting others? Fanel can see that Leo has been losing more of his humanity between each scene, and says he will show him the light. A soft beautiful white glow surrounds him, and he finds himself in the star room.

Abutton finds himself in his statue form, and sees Fanel bleeding out. He is asked what he would sacrifice to save the one he swore to protect. He says he would do anything. A light frees his form, he raises his bow and shoots the enemy, and the scene is dissolved in white light. As he returns to the star room, he hears,

I dreamt I saw an endless plain, with twelve great and terrible stars around me. I saw the open maw of darkness gaping wide to devour. I saw good, and evil, in their eternal dance, spiraling to no truth, except that which was to destroy all things. I saw a gathering of five points of light. Defeat of destruction and challenges beyond time and eternity.

A mural appears with a chest in front of it. Milil, Jazirian, Bahamut, and the Raven Queen appear smiling at the party. They are told it is time for the final battle and they have passed all the tests, and are offered gifts. Abutton uses thieves' cant to ask the gods what is wrong with him, and Milil offers his hand, and says he can show him. Abutton takes his hand. There's a burst of energy and golden light, and Abutton is transformed into a poorly-dressed human with blond hair and green eyes, a slovenly beard, and a backpack full of clanking metal: Travers. Travers exclaims that this is who he is, and asks about Torrin and Sparkles. He says Grifto must have taken his soul but not his body. He dumps out his backpack, expecting armor, but it's pots and pans. Irpaks looks at the goodies as Travers hugs Fanel. Irpaks asks Milil to heal Fanel, and Milil advises them to take a long rest. Travers introduces himself as Travers, and Milil conjures a feast and beds, and says this is the gods' end. Travers rants about Grifto more. The party starts to eat, and Travers asks where the final battle is. The gods say to place their glass pieces in the mural, and they will be taken there. The mural depicts a castle and a herd of sheep. Travers recognizes it as Grifto's castle. From the chest Irpaks gets a Cube of Force, Cloak of Displacement, Raquel gets a Rod of Lordly Light, Fanel gets the Boots of Speed, Throden gets an Iron Flask containing a Mezzoloth, and Travers gets an Oathbow and an expired Tchochkie's coupon. They also get five Greater Healing potions and a Potion of Invulnerability. A tattoo appears on everyone's arms, each being a one-use spell: Fanel and Travers have Disintegrate, Irpaks has Force Cage, Raquel has Earthquake, and Throden has Power Word: Heal.

Travers wants a hot tub and one appears, so the party strips down and gets in. Irpaks transforms into Tendra before undressing, to Fanel's surprise. They discuss Travers' death just before the season 3 finale and the whereabouts of the people Travers knew. Throden asks Travers to cut a black stone in half with a sword.142 He says he doesn't have one, so Tendra hands him one. Travers successfully halves it without dying.

They sleep for the night, Travers platonically snuggling with Fanel, and wake up to breakfast food and pack lunches. Irpaks is Irpaks again. Travers places the glass pieces in the mural, and it turns into a portal. Travers jumps through and finds himself in a castle, in front of a wooden door. Irpaks kisses his dragonfly pendant and says goodbye to Irpaks before stepping through. Fanel and Raquel follow. Throden plants a mushroom in a bowl of food, then steps through. They hear rumbling. Travers opens the door and sees a courtyard with hedges, and a tear in the sky with spider legs poking through.236

Memorable QuotesEdit

Disembodied voice: Would you still save him? After he broke your heart?
Raquel: I don't know who you are, and I don't know what you're doing to me, but I will always save my Aramel.

Lauren: This is a future apology for what's to come.

Travers: I'm gonna have to seek them out after this fight, assuming I don't get de-bone-ified again.
Lauren: Oh, that's the first thing I'm gonna do Sean.
Sean: If Travers doesn't die this battle Lauren, you've done something wrong.

Kyle: Is it gonna be warm where we're going? Cause I'm very clothed.


  • Lauren forgot what the shape of the glass was last time, so it changed from circular to teardrop shaped.
  • Sean gave Stephanie shit for failing to understand the three-part flask in season 4.

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