Episode description:

Opening Quote:
Kyle: - time and *clunk* ooh my god I broke it.
Sean: Don't tell us what it is, leave it a mystery.
Kyle: I'm leavin' it in.

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Lauren who plays Dagna...

Lauren: Oh no! Why do paladins prefer chain mail? Because it's holey armor.

Sean: Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: I'm fuckin' fantastic.

Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben (in Kallas' voice): Greetings.

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt (in Cyrus' voice): Look into my eye.

Sean: And Stephanie who plays... oh fuck why am I - why am I blanking on your name, I'm not looking at Roll20 right now, I'm fail.

Kyle: Boone.

Sean: Boone! Ah god I'm really bad. I'm really bad.

Stephanie (in Boone's voice): Ahoy-hoy.

Sean: Hey guys!

Various: Hey!

Kyle: I don't think they're booing you, they're just saying Boo-oone.

Sean: Boo-er!

Stephanie: Boo-urn!

Episode SummaryEdit

The episode opens with the party on a boat docked at a snowy land dotted with huge pine trees. Half a mile in the distance is the base of a mountain, and 70 feet up is a wooden palisade. Dagna warns them to beware of giants. Boone explores the ship and discovers that the door they came through no longer leads to the illusory mansion. Dagna looks for a name and finds that the ship was manufactured in Cin Amon. Cam suggests they burn it, but Kallas says they might need it to get back.

While leaving the ship, they see the tracks of the ship's crew leaving 6 days ago. A giant stag runs towards them and gets shot by a giant arrow just before it reaches them. The party looks up to see several giants approaching. The giants see them and run away screaming, bemusing the party. Kallas notices a blue giant with a yak-horned helm peeking over a hill, muttering in Giant. Cam uses Tongues to understand, and hears them speculating about the first arrival of small folk in an age and recounting terrifying tales. The giants throw down their weapons and ask the party not to turn them into animals. Cam, who had previously summoned a warhorse, rides up the the giants and tells them he has come to reward them for their guardianship of these lands. The giants are impressed, and take them to see their leader, the Ruh'taghla. She has kept them safe, telling them cautionary tales of small folk from the south. Dagna asks Cam what the plan is, and he says the charismatic approach. Dagna tells Kallas to keep an eye out for escape routes. They reach a set of giant steps before a gate, and Cam gives each party member a role to play: Cam is noble, Kallas is a servant, Dagna is a minstrel, Cyrus is a guard, and Boone is a herald. As they rise on the magic carpet to fly up the steps, the giants at the gates panic. Cam attempts to reassure them. The Ruh'taghla, named Ragna, bursts through the gates. While the other giants are frost giants, she is a cloud giant. She asks, "Has the time come?" Cam responds, "It has." She says they are to venture into the below, and free the giants from their binding. Cam goes along with it, and she welcomes them into the city as the Chosen.

They are led to a castle floating above a crater. Ragna goes across a rope bridge while the party follows on the carpet. Going inside, it is giant-proportioned, but Ragna says it contains things the giants once thought were intended for their children. Ragna leads them to a gilded room with a stained glass window depicting several giants, and at their feet, five small folk slaying a massive dark beast. At the base of the window is a wooden chest filled with things salvaged from below: the belongings of previous adventurers who attempted to slay the beast. Boone takes a sword radiating power with a stout blade, a diamond-studded solid gold handle, and a ring for a pommel: a Luck Blade. Dagna finds a blue diamond gold ring reminiscent of wisps of air: the Ring of Djinni. Kallas finds a small golden scarab amulet without a chain: the Scarab of Protection. Cam finds a sword with a crossguard that looks like wings, made of platinum and inset with blue stones: the Holy Avenger. Cyrus finds some platinum, diamond-studded plate mail armor that seems translucent and almost wispy: the Armor of Etherealness. Boone's Luck Blade has one charge, meaning she has one wish, and after she uses the wish, her sword will crumble into dust. The party also finds some black cloth, the Well of Many Worlds. Ragna says there will be a great feast tonight, and assumes the party will depart at dawn. She says the feast will be prepared in three hours, and they can enjoy the town in the meantime. At the feast, Dagna gives an extraordinary performance, and she and Cyrus get drunk. Afterwards Dagna gets everyone upstairs to play icebreaker games. Boone reveals that her full name is Devonshire William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus De'Boon XVII. Cam says his middle name is Duncan, and Boone nicknames him Dunkie. Kallas says he grew up on a wyvern ranch, but the wyverns didn't seem to like him, which is usual for tieflings. Kallas is also the only tiefling in his family, for an unknown reason. Cyrus says he and his platoon painted a Macwell building wall pink. They talk a bit about Cam's mother being an evil witch, and then go to sleep in preparation for tomorrow's battle.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Cam: "I was born to ruin plans, for the record."
Dagna: "I know, and you're doing amazing."

Cam: "Of course! I know all about her. Them."


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