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{{stub}}{{infobox episode
{{stub}}{{infobox episode
| title =
| title =3 Shots and a Long Rest
| partOfSeason =
| partOfSeason =6
| episodeNumber =
| episodeNumber =224
| image =
| image =
| imagecaption =
| imagecaption =
| airDate =
| airDate =13FEB2020
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| links =
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| previousEpisode =223
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|patreonAirDate = 06FEB2020}}
'''Episode description:'''<br/>A new theme song??? and a new outro????? Thoughts?
'''Episode description:'''<br/>A new theme song??? and a new outro????? Thoughts?

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Episode description:
A new theme song??? and a new outro????? Thoughts?

Opening Quote:
Lauren: “I didn’t think that was going to happen. I’m sorry!”

Player introduction:
Sean: “Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Tabletop Champions Podcast. I’m Sean your Dungeon Master and with me tonight we have Matt, who plays Cyrus.”

Matt: “Look into my eye.”

Sean:Kyle, who plays Cam.”

Kyle: “There’s always edibles!”

Sean:Ben, who plays Kallas.”

Ben: “Greetings!”

Sean: “Stephanie, who plays Boone.”

Stephanie: “Ahoy-hoy.”

Sean: “And Lauren, who plays Dagna.”

Lauren: “What do you get if you remove the eyes of an ilfid? A blind flayer.”

Sean: “That’s a good one. I like that one.”

Episode Summary

Act 1

  • The group starts with reuniting with Ghost Butler. Cam remembers Ghost Butler’s name, [high pitched keening noise], and asks if he remembers seeing Brenna while trapped. Kallas interjects that after killing Asmodeus, he also saved Brenna. Cyrus agrees as he recalls this information, with his life as a disk, and meeting their other-dimensional selves.
  • Ghost Butler can now make the group a Heroes' Feast any time they call upon the cabin. As the heroes start their feast the cabin transforms into the Magnificent Mansion and Ghost Butler appears to look like Mr. Belvedere. The mansion can now be filled with ten rooms/spaces. The first three are dining hall, barracks, and backyard. The group adds a three-story bard tower and an art gallery/studio.
  • Kallas uses caution around the Holy Symbol of Lloth (in case it can be used to overhear the group) and expresses his concern about helping Lloth. Boone restarts her mistrust of Cyrus due to his return.

Act 2

  • Dagna leaves the mansion to visit her family’s petrified state. She notices a hooded female drow leaving the group of Sehanine clerics and heading towards a rowboat on the coast. The galley was flying the flag of Cin Amon. Going invisible, she follows the drow to investigate and reads her thoughts. Kaydren and needing to find the relic are revealed. Dagna casts hold person and searches the drow finding a vial of unknown black poison, three gold, a dagger with the face of Kri’zakth, and a gashed drawing of the Boat Swain Whistle.
  • Dagna charms the drow in an effort to get her to tell more about her thoughts. Dagna suddenly finds seven other drow emerging out of the forest, crossbows drawn. After taking some arrow damage, she uses dimension door back to the mansion.

Act 3

  • Back at the mansion Dagna tells everyone what happened. Kallas puts together that not all of the drow who have aligned with Kri'zakth have killed themselves. A gnome from the cleric party checks on them and Dagna talks to them about the flags being flown.
  • Cyrus tests his painting ability to see that it has returned to normal and not controlled by demons.
  • Cam pockets the mansion figurine as the group plans to go out and find the Boat Swain Whistle. The group uses the stone to transport themselves to Captain Nathayel's cabin on the Windbreaker in the Plane of Mischief. The episode ends with our heroes seeing that Captain does have the whistle but it appears to have a fresh gash in it.

Memorable Quotes

  • The group jokes that everyone was at one point secretly (or overtly) in love with Brenna. Sean mentions that this podcast is turning into a high school anime dating show.
  • Ben: “Asmodeus is dead. It was me.”


  • This episode starts with a new opening format. Instead of the opening thing that starts with “Adventure. A path bathed in bravery and treachery.”, the episode begins with the opening quote and then a shortened version of the opening theme song. 
  • In the new art gallery, there is a painting that Cyrus made while possessed of a demon glowering over him that is finally defaced and turned over out of view. 
  • Sean revoked the protection against Divination magic while in the Mansion. 
  • Dagna gained a vial of unknown black poison, three gold, a dagger with the face of Kri’zakth, and a gashed drawing of the Boat Swain Whistle. 
  • Cam is no longer a dirty boy. Catastrophe seems to have cleaned him up. 

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