Episode description:

Opening Quote:
Kyle: "Now we are the champions of the tabletop!"

Player introduction:
Sean: "Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions podcast. I'm Sean, your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have, Kyle, who plays Cam."

Kyle: "What is dead may never die."

Sean: "Matt, who plays Cyrus."

Matt: "Look into my eye."

Sean: "Ah, Ben who plays Kallas."

Ben: "Greetings!"

Sean: "Stephanie, who plays Boone."

Stephanie: "Ahoy-hoy."

Sean: "And Lauren, who plays Dagna."

Lauren: "An orc, an elf, and a human walk into a bar. The dwarf just walks underneath it."

Episode SummaryEdit

Background Edit

  • This season is going to be the conclusion of a three season-long arc. If you are confused about what is happening this season, it is suggested that you start listening with season four (episode 145: A New Adventure) to get the full story.
  • Sean hinted at this season possibly being shorter because Lauren and himself will be switching on and off DM-ing as the story goes between the two adventuring groups of the previous seasons.

Act 1 Edit

  • The last two and a half weeks Cam, Boone, and Dagna have been stuck in another Plane, consisting of darkness, endless purple spiderwebs, and cocooned spirits in torture. They spend their time here looking for Ghost Butler and Brenna, to no avail. One day, the group finds some of their members popping in and out of existence. When after all is said and done, the party finds themselves reunited in the plane with Cyrus and Kallas.
  • Cyrus recalls his strange dream he had where he was a floating disk. He now has memories of the other group as he was with them the whole time.
  • Kallas says that he has "taken care" of Asmodeus, Demon-God of the Nine Hells.

Act 2 Edit

  • The group falls out of the plane as lights rip through it. They reawaken on stone plinths in the Underdark by means of a Lolth Drow ritual conducted by El'lathra.
  • El'lathra tells that party they are the only ones left living from the Petrification of Jildos (also referred to as The Calamity). The Drow are now an endangered race as they have sacrificed themselves in the name of Kri'zakth. Only a few Drow splinter cells faithful to Lolth remain alive across the continent. El'lathra would like to strike a deal with the party to defeat Kri'zakth and thereby allow Lolth to reinstate herself as the new ruler of the Nine Hells.
  • El'lathra offers the help of the splinter groups to the deal and as a perk asks Cam to kill his Mother. The group chooses to fulfill their destiny, not let the Planes fall, and enter into a deal with El'Lathra. They receive a holy symbol to help with their recognition.

Act 3 Edit

  • The group leaves the Underdark and heads to Jildos and sees the results of the Petrification. While trying in vain to undo some of the effects on the people, they cross paths with Alfred Pennysworth IV and his colleagues. He was using multiple whistles to try and remove the petrification effects, also in vain.
  • Alfred has been looking for The Boat Swain Whistle. Cyrus remembers that when the group sailed away with the Windbreaker crew into the Plane of Mischief that Captain Nathayel was wearing the Whistle.
  • The group agrees to go try and get the whistle back after being offered to be bankrolled by Alfred. He also offers them a traveling stone to help. The episode ends with Cam opening up the cabin door to see that Ghost Butler has returned and waiting for them in the cabin.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Cyrus: "It was excruciating. You know, having every single piece of me falling apart from me, and all that. But, eh, it happens."
    Stephanie: "You know, YOLO."
    Sean: "It happens! Just D&D things."
    Ben: "Actually YOLO does not apply here at all."
  • Kyle jokes that Your Life As A Disk should be the subtitle of Season 5.
  • Kallas: "Whoever made all of these sacrificial daggers made a killing!"


  • Matt gains Inspiration for remembering how to do his character's accent after not playing him for over a year.
  • Items gained:
    • Dagna receives a Holy Symbol of Lloth necklace pendant from El'Lathra so that they can be distinguished as the "real group" by the remaining Lolth splinter cells. The stone is made of snowflake obsidian, rubies, and seed pearls.
    • Group receives from Alfred a light blue stone that shifts between shades of purples. When you speak a destination into it and it will take you and seven other people to any place or plane. This stone only works for one-way travel.

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