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Opening Quote:
"Someone's chair sounds like a fart!"Kyle

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. I'm Lauren, your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "A-hoy-hoy, darlings!"

Lauren, "Ben who plays Throden!"

Ben, "Ah, hello!"

Lauren, "Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "I'm itchy! I've got ants in my pants! I'm discombobulated! Give me a calmative!"

Lauren, "Sean, who plays Lisan."

Sean, "A cynic is only a frustrated optimist."

Lauren, "And Matt, who plays Fanel. Matthew?"

Matt, "Hel- -lo- -oh."

Lauren, "Oh boy!"

Kyle, "Oh boii! That's not a good omen for tonight."

Episode SummaryEdit

Getting away with murderEdit

When Lisan and Throden emerge from the Tiefling's caravan after Speaking with the corpse of a guard in episode 208, they hear more guards approaching the Leaky Tankard. Inside the tavern, Lisan gets the kids to hide the corpses of the other guards upstairs, while he mops up the rest of the telltale traces of combat208.

A group of guards led by the Lizardfolk whom Fanel scared away208 barges into the tavern, and the Lizardfolk accuses Throden and Fanel of wrongdoing. Lisan casts Charm Person on the Lizardfolk, defusing the situation. The other guards are confused, and leave after a while.

Lisan invites the charmed Lizardfolk and the others back to his caravan, where ha casts Zone of Truth. The Lizardfolk tells of a clan war between the Blue Tongue Clan and Throden's clan in the past, and of Kri'zakth, who will consume all. He won't share any more though, as he is afraid that his god will kill him.

The situation gets out of hand when Fanel punches the guard and stuns him. Without a better alternative, Raquel acts quickly and pushes her rapier through the guard's heart, killing him on the spot.

Afterward, Lisan bribes the children from the tavern with candy and a gold piece to take the two corpses from his caravan and hide them at the Leaky Tankard with the other corpses.

Once this is done, Raquel calls for a group meeting. Throden suggests to investigate their leads on Kri'zakth, but Raquel dismisses the idea. She wants to leave the city and travel on eastward, towards the coast. The others agree.

Reunion with IrpaksEdit

When the group leaves for the city gates, Tendra Dippins leaves the tavern after them, polymorphs into an eagle, flies out of the city, and to a meeting spot on the road, where she polymorphs into Irpaks.

The group meets Irpaks along the road, and Raquel calls another group meeting. She announces her plan to return home to Aramel's Rest and offers the others a choice: accompany her there, or take another ship she will arrange for in Avisac and sail on their own way whithout her.

Lisan turns serious at her proposal, and offers the Genasi a deck of cards. She pulls the Eight of Swords, which the Tiefling reads her as an omen of a grim future if she should leave the group. Raquel humors him about the card trick, but she remains unfazed.

The rest of the party is inclined to come with her to Aramel's Rest, since it is not too far out of the way and they don't have other plans anyway. Irpaks agrees as long as their ultimate goal remains the Leering Tower.

Once the group has agreed, Raquel hurries back into town to find a rookery in the mercantile square that offers a postal service. She dictates a clear and precise message for Aramel Kinlee to the goblins who work there, but they take down something completely different:

Crazy lady needs you. Pirate sugar daddy, send me ship in Avisac. Be there in a week.
—Love, RRRRRaq??l

On her way back to join her group, Raquel notices that the thief they have been warned about206 seems to have been caught. Once she rejoins the group, she hurries everyone along for the journey to Avisac.

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