Episode description:
More fuel for the Irpaks conspiracies

Opening Quote:
"Well that sucks!"Lauren

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. I am Lauren, your dungeon master, and with me today we have Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "You people blame me for everything. Who put the slippers in the dishwasher? Who threw a cane at the TV?"

Lauren, "Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Did you hear about the iron golem that skipped school to go adventuring? His name was Ferris Bueller."

Matt, "Boo!"

Lauren, "Boo. Sean, who plays Lisan."

Sean, "A fresh start will put you on your way."

Lauren, "Stephanie who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "A-hoy-hoy darlings!"

Lauren, "And Matt who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Uuh, insert martial art pun here."

Episode SummaryEdit

Tendra meets Irpaks?Edit

We rejoin Kyle's character, in the identity of Tendra Dippins, who has just met someone else in a secret, abandoned house, somewhere in the city of New Doladhon. The other person appears in the identity of Irpaks, though.

The two seem to be working the same angle together, sharing identities and disguises. Irpaks wants to know what happened to their secret plans. Tendra explains that the Wellington job did go up in flames, literally200. Tendra then fills Irpaks in on the most recent major events in Irulan, and says their plans have changed.

Irpaks then asks how Tendra wants to proceed. He announces that he wants to take this new, interesting group he met to the Leering Tower to meet Markus Landor, because Milil told him to do so202. She also says Irpaks does not need to know any more details.

In the end, Tendra asks the other person not to use the "Irpaks" disguise, and that they have a whole lot of other options to choose from. Upon hearing that, Irpaks literally morphs into a different person: an albino Tiefling with bright, orange hair. Before she leaves, she picks up Irpaks' stick which was left behind, and thwacks the Tiefling as a reminder that "I'm still your daddy." Then she returns to the Leaky Tankard for the night.

Trouble at the tankardEdit

The following morning, Raquel, Throden, Fanel and Tendra meet for breakfast in the tavern's common room. The monk is severely hung over and keeps hurling into a bucket. Over breakfast, some guards walk in and sit down at a table. They keep eyeing Throden.

Throden recognizes these guards in the garb of New Doladon as Lizardfolk with a blue crest, belonging to the Blue Tongue Clan. The Blue Tongues are not only enemies of his clan, they were also part of the army which attacked Haven193. He is worried that they might attack him.

A single Lizardfolk guard comes to the bar to order drinks, and indeed reaches for his sword when he gets a close look at Throden. However, Fanel lets solar energy erupt from his fist and warns the guard sternly that he is not in the mood for a fight. The guard drops his sword and bolts out the door in fear.

A while passes, but eventually the rest of the guards can no longer ignore Throden's red crest, and come to confront them. Tendra however casts Phantasmal Force, convincing the leader that they are on fire. The leader panics, and the others are attacked by the group while the guards are confused.

With the guards in disarray, the Lizardfolk stand no chance against the party, who take them down with ease. In the end, the Leaky Tankard is filled with dead bodies. Lisan asks Throden to help him carry one corpse back to the Tiefling's caravan, where he casts the ritual Speak with Dead. Throden asks it questions in Draconic:

  • What are the Lizardfolk doing in the city?—Kri'zakth will consume all.
  • How is your mother doing?—Your clan killed her.
  • Why are they following Kri'zakth?—Power. Revenge. Destruction.
  • What is the source of the magical darkness over Irulan?—Kri'zakth consumes all, including the sun.

Once Lisan and Throden grow tired with questioning, they hide the corpse under Lisan's bed. When they walk back to the Leaky Tankard, they see more guards approaching, led by the Lizardfolk whom Fanel scared away earlier.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Stephanie, "I don't have Clover to bring me a Bloody Alenia to my door190, so I gotta go walk to the bar like a sucker."


  • One of the teachings of the Sun and Branches Order is: "Alcohol ruins the path to the soul."
  • Fanel rolls a natural 19 on his check to intimidate a Lizardfolk and gets a result of 20, suggesting that he has a +1 Charisma modifier.
  • Lisan's passive perception is 14. His spell save DC is 15.
  • This episode reveals Lisan to be a bard when he gives Throden bardic inspiration.
  • The name Tendra Dippins is taken from the Episode One podcast, episode 91 (Uncle's Houseboat Presents Smart Shit).

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