Episode description:

Opening Quote:
"This is a- This is a good episode."—Kyle

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to a-nother episode of the Tabletop Champions! I am Lauren your Dungeon Master and with me tonight we have Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Never challenge Death to a pillow fight. Unless you're prepared to handle the reaper-cushions."

Lauren, "Boo-haha!"

Stephanie, "Nope, absolutely not. Nope!"

Lauren, "Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Uhm, hi."

Lauren, "Sean, who plays Lisan."

Sean, "Oh, no, I didn't pull one up, oh. Dammit. I'm trying to start a new thing and I fucked it up."

Lauren, "Aw, fucked up. Kyle, plays Irpa-"

Sean, "-Insert fortune cookie quote here!"

Lauren, "Oh. Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "This elevator only goes to the basement! And someone made an awful mess down there."

Lauren, "And Stephanie who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!"

Episode SummaryEdit

An all-new New DoladonEdit

The group has reached the city of New Doladon, but before they enter, Irpaks announces that he is no longer welcome back there. He claims to have a spy in town, named Tendra Dippins, a red Dragonborn. He suggests they go find her at a tavern called Leaky Tankard. Irpaks then appears to stay behind, but in truth he changes into the guise of Tendra and joins the people who have lined up to get into the city.

The guards at the gatehouse, commanded by a large, Eagle-Arakocra, are checking people's faces and their wagons for hidden passengers. While the group is waiting, Lisan uses the opportunity to entertain the crowd, playing his viol. Once he is done, he casts a spell at the guards, which makes them believe he is a famous bard of the realm. They give them preferential treatment, ushering them through the gatehouse, and warning them that a thief is on the lose.

What's in Raquel's box?Edit

Once they have passed the gates, Raquel leaves the group and snakes into the crowds of the busy city. She makes her way to a friend's specialty store, called Celestial Touch. It is a one-woman-operation of the artisan smith Shaye, a tall, muscular, dark Aasimar who is old friends with Raquel. They share a heartfelt reunion, having not seen each other in years, and yet, Shaye has finished a product for Raquel.

The Aasimar puts a finely crafted, beautiful wooden box before Raquel which comes with a set of keys and offers multiple specialized compartments. Once locked, a powerful Glyph of Warding protects the contents. Raquel tries to fit in her secret possessions, which fit perfectly, and she is overjoyed with the magical box.

Shaye then inquires about Laura-Leena, and Raquel givea her the most recent news. Shaye is distraught over the events that happened at the Ziragzar Spires191 and seems suddenly busy, packing her things. Raquel tries warning her friend against an investigation, but Shaye promises to play it safe and seek out Laura-Leena in Haven. Afterward, they say their goodbyes and Raquel makes her way to the Leaky Tankard.

The Leaky Tankard tavernEdit

Meanwhile, Throden and his zombie of Thendren Flamebeard have found the tavern. When it is time to pay to park the group's cart and horse, Throden is in need of gold and checks his zombie's pockets. He finds some money, along with two sealed notes, which he pockets, but opts not to read. He then enters the tavern and recognizes a red Dragonborn who must be Tendra. Indeed, Irpaks has hurried to the tavern in the guise of Tendra, and awaits the party there.

While this is happening, Lisan has dragged poor Fanel all over the mercantile square of the city, buying expensive and many-legged specialties for a feast that is supposed to cure the monk of his vegetarianism. When Lisan puts some scorpions in a bag with many spices to marinate, poor Fanel can hear the animals die in anguish, as this is one of his recently acquired monkish talents. Lisan however does not understand what the problem is.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Stephanie, "Woah, I crit! Nat-twennie-Steph! Nat-twennie-Steph! Done!"

Shaye, "The world beats us down and there's always people to stand up and punch it right back in the face. Who knows, maybe I'm that person?"


  • Regarding the box she made for Raquel, Shaye says "We all do silly things for love."
  • The name Tendra Dippins is taken from the Episode One podcast, episode 91 (Uncle's Houseboat Presents Smart Shit).

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