Episode description:

Opening Quote:
"Lemme touch your mitts!"—Kyle

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to the next episode of the Tabletop Champions! I am Lauren, your Dungeon Master and with me tonight we have Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Hello?"

Lauren, "Sean, who plays anonymous."

Sean, "A beautiful, smart and loving person will be coming into your life."

Lauren, "Oh my god. Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Aah-hoy-hoy!"

Lauren, "Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "I tried eating the most dominant crustacean aberration, but had to be given the Heimlich maneuver. It was a real Chuul-king hazard."

Lauren, "Boo!"

Matt, "Boo!"

Lauren, "And Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "I can feel Death's clammy hands on my shoulder. Oh! Wait, that's my hand."

Episode SummaryEdit

Lisan's Palmistry and PortanceEdit

The party has left Haven, where Clover stayed behind to join the Havenguard. During the following three days, they travel toward New Doladon.

At the foot of the mountain range west of New Doladon, they find the caravan of a furtune teller by the name of Lisan al-Ghaib. He is a deep blue Tiefling in a patchwork cloak and fine clothing, laying cards and waiting for them to approach.

Raquel encourages Fanel to have his fortune read, but Irpaks thinks the man is a quack and wants to keep moving. Lisan starts a conversation and invites himself to join their party on the way to New Doladon.

The Tiefling claims that he was guided to join a group such as theirs by visions from an entity he calls the Traveller. Irpaks attempts to detect the Tiefling's thoughts, but without success, as Lisan has just used some mushrooms from his secret stash.

By the end of the day, the group makes camp, and Lisan invites them to his stew and gives free readings and small presents to the others. He has a magical necklace which can swallow his caravan, and he can make it reappear once he needs a place to sleep.

Raquel and Irpaks decide to keep watch throughout the night and exlude Lisan from taking a turn, just to be safe. During her watch, Raquel watches Lisan wander out of the caravan stark naked, and staring at the night's stars for an hour, before returning to bed. The Genasi is not fazed at all.

Irpaks' dreamEdit

During the night, Milil's voice returns to Irpaks as promised202. In his dream, the bard observes a woman unknown to him with long, red, braided hair and bagpipes, carrying a dead body into a temple. The temple seems to be in a peaceful place in a forest.

The woman puts the body on top of an altar and Irpaks recognizes Corvino, the man he met in the Plane of Mischief200. After a while, Corvino's body is picked up by a pair of female hands, and a beautiful Elf with long hair appears. The woman asks Grifto the Magnificent to take Corvino away from her plane.

Grifto accepts, but warns her that he won't be able to keep Corvino forever. The Elven woman than touches Corvino's head, sparking blue force, after which she claims the problem is taken care of.

Raquel then wakes Irpaks for his watch. In his mind, Milil announces that he told him only the first part of the story.

The following morning, the party and Lisan make their way to New Doladon, seeing its giant, towered walls in the distance.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Irpaks, "I know the future! Everything's gonna hurt a little bit more, and suck a little bit more."

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