Episode description: one said we were good at this...

Opening Quote:
"Oh, no!" -Lauren

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello! And welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions, my name is Lauren and I am your dungeon master. With me tonight we have Stephanie, who plays Raquel!"

Stephanie, "Marjorie, please! I enjoy all of the meats of our cultural stew-"

Lauren, "-Kyle who plays Irpa-"

Stephanie, "-I was not ready-"

Lauren, "(laughs) I was not ready, either."

Stephanie, "I just pulled that shit out! No, it's fine."

Lauren, "Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "I was in the movies once. Remember the toes that curled up off from the ground in 'The Wizard of Oz'? Well, you're looking at'em!"

Stephanie, "(laughs) That is a great one Kyle!"

Lauren, "(laughs) Ew! Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "To end the war, the king executed all the bards. After years of fighting, the people demanded: stop the violins!"

Lauren, "(laughs) Boo! Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Yes, I will have one whiskey drink, one vodka drink, one lager drink and one cider drink, please."

Lauren, "Alright, and Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "What martial art came from Sweden? IKEAdo."

Lauren, "Aw, booooo."

Episode SummaryEdit

The Wellington jobEdit

Raquel leads Clover and Irpaks out of Percipa's Star and toward the rich part of Trenton, at the seaside. On the way there, she and Irpaks have a hard time explaining the job to young Clover, which is to steal a precious dagger from Sir Maxwell Wellington. Raquel claims to plan to return it to the rightful owner, while Irpaks explains heroism in a way which the Mousefolk had never considered before:

It's about perspective, too. When we come home, this story is about liberating an artifact from a corrupt home of power, and bringing it back to the people that needed it most. That's the story! The truth is that sometimes, how you get there isn't always the most elegant.

They find Wellington's estate to be a huge, fenced and gated building. They stroll around it, looking for ways to enter unseen, when suddenly an extravagant black carriage passes the gate. It has a silver crest with a two-faced mask on it, which Clover recognizes from the hags' grimoire and from the defense of Haven193. Shortly after, they see a cloaked figure rush inside after the carriage. Another moment later, they recognize Throden and Fanel adressing the guards.

Dawn is a red herringEdit

A little earlier, Fanel and Throden have come to realize that hardly anyone in Trenton has even heard of Dawn. The few leads they got on her have quickly turned out to be dead ends, and now Fanel is out of ideas. Throden suggests they join up with the others, but they cannot find their friends back at the market. Suddenly, Fanel feels watched. They walk down a road and then dash into an alleyway to hide.

S5 sbo2

Fanart of the SBO crest

Peeking out, they can see a cloaked figure who looks like he has lost something. After looking around, the figure dashes away in the direction he came from. Throden can get a good look at him, seeing an older male Elf in robes similar to Fanel's, and wearing the symbol of the Sun and Branches Order.

When Fanel hears this, he wants to persue the man with a height advantage and climbs on the roof of a building, followed by Throden. The two parkour and tumble their way across the roofs, following the man to a large estate at the seaside, where he enters a gated property. They slink back into the road and talk to the guards at the gate, but get turned away immediately.

Catapulting and enteringEdit

Since the guards at the gate are distracted, Raquel takes Clover on her back and makes it over the fence, but when Irpaks tries to follow, he gets noticed by the guards. He feigns to be a confused old man, and messages Clover to Trust anyone who mentions a butterfly, which the Mousefolk misunderstands and polymorphs Irpaks into a butterfly.

While Throden intimidates a guard to let them speak to the owner, Raquel and Clover look for an easy way to get into the house. They find an office, and Clover catapults a rock through a window on the upper floor, causing a commotion. It's enough cover for him to break the office window so they can enter unnoticed.

Inside, Raquel looks through |Wellington's desk and discovers a deed to a Tchochkie's franchise in Trenton signed by Torrin Biri Donnar, as well as the antique dagger she was hoping for. She pockets both, and the two leave the way they came in.

Meanwhile Fanel and Throden have been led to a waiting room. They overhear an angry conversation, and one person is ordered to kill someone else. Then the door opens, and Fanel recognizes his former master, Leo. Leo attacks his former student, and Fanel notices that Leo's style has changed, incorporating elements that cause necrotic damage, though the monk is mostly avoiding his master rather than fighting back.

Suddenly, a cry about something being stolen echoes through the whole estate.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kyle, "The fuckin' subplot of this season is corrupting a minor."


  • When Irpaks talks about a butterfly, Lauren corrects him and says it should be dragonfly. Clover turns him into a butterfly anyway.
  • This episode introduces Fanel's former master, Leo. He was first mentioned in episode 186.
  • Some stats: Fanel's passive perception is 13, Throden's is 17. Irpaks' wisdom modifier is -1.

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