Episode description:
Irpaks and Raquel are the kind of education you need in a tough world like this...

Opening Quote:
"Sorry, honestly, I did not expect this to go this way tonight, so, uh, I'm making this up as we go." - Lauren

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions, I'm Lauren your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Uhm, I-, I-, I got nothin'"

Lauren, "Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Ugh, I got nothing as well!"

Lauren, "Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Uuh, I'm so close!—I'm close to finding my quote! (laughs)"

Lauren, "Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "They say the greatest tragedy is when a father outlives his son. I never fully understood why. Frankly, I can see an upside to it. And also, there's a lot of thunder in the background."

Matt, "Aw, I got the joke now, but it's too late."

Lauren, "Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Did you hear about the vampire who started vaping tiny demons?"

Lauren, "Oh no."

Ben, "His name was Vlad, the imp-haler."

Episode SummaryEdit

The party is recovering from a murderous encounter with a formidable opponent in the episode prior. Thunder cracks, rain falls, and the spirits are low.

When Raquel processes what just happened, she identifies the fiend as an Orthon, a bounty hunter from the Nine Hells. She realizes this implies some client must have sent the monster after them, and that it had a specific target, which might have been one or all of them, or perhaps something in their possession. She also realizes they are in big trouble, and since the contract was not fulfilled, nothing is keeping another Orthon from trying again.

Throden deduces that the group must be a credible threat to the client, and that they have probably chosen the right course of action if this is true.

Reaching TrentonEdit

Approaching the settlement, the group notices wyverns circling in the dark sky, but they are no threat. Clover remembers a story about Colin and the mayor working together to help Ren, and bribing a Black Dragon with alcoholic beverages to defeat one of the Queen's armies near the shore.

It seems that Trenton has blossomed over the years, housing many more people, and lying in between flourishing fields and crops, where large balls of bright light hover over the land to keep the plants alive.

Once past the city gates, Raquel tries sending Clover away with Fanel and Throden, who intend to pick up the trail of Dawn, but the Mousefolk feels shunned and makes a good case for staying at her side. She ends up feeling sorry, and takes him along with Irpaks, donning a cloak, as she wishes to remain incognito.

Inside Percipa's StarEdit

The three enter the nearest tavern under a giant clam and starfish, which is Percipa's Star. It has a large stage, where a group of kobolds and a group of goblins are ordered about by a golden Dragonborn named Thendren Flamebeard, who wants them to recite "Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?", but they mostly row with each other.

Thendren welcomes the adventurers, claiming to be a great producer, and wearing an enamel pin of a dragonfly. He wants to hear the tales they have to tell, and Irpaks spins a legend about him and Clover, but the Mousefolk gives up the goat right away.

Meanwhile Raquel is ordering ales from the barkeep Vertrand, and casually inquires about her target, Sir Maxwell Wellington. Vertrand gives her directions to a nice, very large estate at the seaside.

Meanwhile Irpaks has given Thendren notes for the play, and has learned that the Dragonborn only recently arrived in town. Irpaks attempts to make a connection with him, also saying that they are looking for a lost little girl, but the producer keeps his cards close to his chest. Then Raquel interrupts, rushes them to finish their drinks and leaving. Before they can, however, Thendren warns them: "There's something wrong with the clan. Be careful."

Little Girl LostEdit

In the city, Fanel and Throden have reached the market and have asked an old gnome with white wiry hair and giant glasses if he has seen Dawn. He has not, and gives them directions to Trenton's orphanage. Fanel notices that he is crafting a wooden dragon head, and asks if he sells any woodcarving tools. He does, and sells the Elf a pouch with an image of a beautiful, winged snake which bites its tail to form a circle. When Fanel asks about the dragon head though, the gnome's demeanor changes suddenly, and he says he's making it for a friend. The gnome then suddenly packs up and leaves, without answering any more questions.

The two then find the orphanage, where Fanel asks an Elven preteen boy, who claims to be in charge, about Dawn. The boy extorts a bribe of one gold piece from Fanel, but only admits that he has never heard of the girl, before running off. Throden is shortly messed with by a Rabbitfolk toddler, which is cute, but isn't helping them.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sean, "I'm not gonna get a Coors in a fantasy tavern, Stephanie!"
Stephanie, "Aw, now I'm gonna get you a Princess Yum Yum!"


  • This episode introduces two new NPCs: Vertrand the barkeep and the golden Dragonborn Thendren Flamebeard.
  • The largest single cup of ale served at Percipa's Star comes in a giant mug and costs only 2 cp.

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