Episode description:
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Opening Quote:
"Like Puss in Boots from Shrek!" -Sean

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions, I'm Lauren your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Ah- I don't have a quote tonight."

Lauren, "Ben, who plays Throden. Oh?"

Sean, (coughing)

Ben, "I thought Sean was gonna say something."

Kyle, "His cough is his quote."

Lauren, "He's dying, it's fine. Matt, who plays Fanel?"

Sean, "Yup. I'm dying."

Matt, "Huh? Did you say Ben?"

Lauren, "Do we wanna start over?"

Ben, "No, just keep going!"

Sean, "Keep going!"

Stephanie, "You're doing great."

Lauren, "Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Ah-hoy-hoy, darlings!"

Lauren, "And Kyle who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "Now my story begins in nineteen-dickety-two. We had to say 'dickety' 'cause the Kaiser had stolen our word for 'twenty'. I chased that rascal to get it back but gave up after dickety-six miles."

Episode SummaryEdit

Fanel looks for DawnEdit

Hours after the most recent battle of Haven193, Fanel remembered to check on Dawn and discovers that she is missing. He finds traces of her, leading from the cart into the forest, and he freaks out and follows the lead. Throden sees this, and follows him.

Fanel follows the tracks deep into the woods, not noticing at first that the forest is changing. His environment seems to be magically active. The Elf follows Dawn's tracks, until he reaches a stream, where he loses the trail, though he finds one of her shoes, indicating that she might have gone further north. When he climbs a tree to get a better view, a vine wraps around his leg and yanks him back down.

Throden eventually finds the Elf and has a hard time consoling him. After making a point that it is impossible to protect someone who does not wish to be protected, Fanel reluctantly agrees to give up the search.

Clover stands up to his momEdit

Irpaks wanders into the town's tavern and joins Clover and Raquel for drinks. After a while Henrietta and Melody join them, wishing to learn more about where their son has been. At first they don't really believe his grand tale, and Raquel needs to back the Mousefolk's story up, reminding everyone of his battle prowess in the defense of the town.

Henrietta finally starts listening, and then asks about their further plans. Clover repeats his wish to stay with Raquel, but Henrietta does not think so and announces that she will think it over. Clover then stands his ground, says the decision is already made, and leaves the table and the tavern. Once outside, he starts crying and hides away in the rafters above town hall, where he sings to himself and finds a so far unknown inscription Colin has left behind:

Last words are for fools who haven't said enough.
Colin Timble[[source]]

Fanel gets a lead on DawnEdit

Throden and Fanel have returned and join the others at the tavern. Fanel is dejected about loosing Dawn, whom he vowed to protect. Raquel tries cheering him up, giving him the idea that the girl might be lost in a Fey forest. Fanel asks around who could help with the Fey, and learns about Vrath, whom he wants to ask for help.

The only other thing Fanel cares about are the perils of drinking alcohol, which earns him another argument with Irpaks and a whack from the old man's cane. This time though the Elf has had enough and kicks the bar stool out from under Irpaks, dropping him to the floor. He gets disgruntled, and leaves the bar to wander the woods.

After a while, Votek returns to the tavern, chatting to the barkeep about a horseman who supposedly snatched up a little girl and rode north with her during the battle. Fanel takes the bait, but doubts the story as he did not find horse tracks. Votek does not care if he is credible, and adds on that the horseman spoke about taking the girl to Trenton.

Before he leaves, the Tiefling leaves a note behind at the bar, sealed with a waxen seal showing a Dragonfly, that states: "V is no more. This is where he lies." Votek walks back to the woods, and after a while, Irpaks returns.

Fanel asks Raquel if they have a reason to go to Trenton, and Raquel claims to have business there, so they agree to make this their next destination. Fanel then goes to his room for meditation.

Clover meets LeenaEdit

Up in the rafters above town hall, Clover overhears yelling from Silo's office. He observes Vrath storming out in a foul temper, blaming Laura-Leena and Silo for the death of Tode, D'Nias and Skrag193 before flying off.

Clover climbs down to talk to the remaining women, and learns about Tode's home being attacked along with Haven192. Clover brings up the hag's grimoire and the arcane disc and Silo invites them to discuss both with the group the following day.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Raquel, "He is of a perfectly respectable drinking age! I was drinking way before 14."
Clover, "Oh no."
Irpaks, "How do you think I ended up in so many carts?"

Fanel, "I lost her trail after I got to a stream. Or was it a river? I couldn't quite tell."
Lauren, "Asshole."

Fanel, "There's a small child lost in a magical forest, that's not really a good thing to move on from."
Raquel, "Ah, the Fey will take care of her! It's fine, they love children."


  • Every single person talking to Fanel in Haven somehow turns out to be a big beefy Minotaur. Most of the time, it was Riland.

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