Episode description:
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Opening Quote:
"Take the pain away from one place and put it in another!" -Lauren

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. I am Lauren your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Ah, hello!"

Lauren, "Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Ah- were- were did it go? Ah ... step one: we're not sending a rabbit back into slavery."

Lauren, "Ooh. Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Aaah- I'm- I'm like to- Ahoy-hoy! I can't come up with a quote quick enough. Fuck! I wasn't ready."

Lauren, "That's fair. Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Ah- Aah, I lost it. Hello!"

Lauren, "This is great! Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "The important thing was that I had an onion tied to my belt, which was the style at the time."

Sean, "It happened, the one, the one happened, my favorite one!"

Stephanie, "I know. Give me five bees for a quarter is what they'd say!"

Episode SummaryEdit

The adventuring party regroups after the most recent battle of Haven in episode 193. Raquel and Laura-Leena are happily embracing each other and catch up a little, before Vrath urgently interrupts them, speaking of bigger problems, and insisting on taking Laura-Leena away to speak with Silo. Raquel and D'Nias' daughter agree to meet later in the tavern.

Throden plays houseEdit

Meanwhile, Throden is interested in the Ankylosaurus which helped defend Haven, asking them who they are. The reptile gives him a friendly licking, but then runs away into the forest. Seeing that mushrooms grow on the beast, he decides to track it in the woods, finding the Lizardfolk shapeshifter in a clearing, bandaging a purple bleeding wound. Throden recognizes his former wife, whom he thought dead. Her body is overgrown with fungus and rotting, and her tongue is already gone. They reunite, and she makes multiple drawings into the ground to explain herself.

Her drawings hint that she was revived with fungi and sun rays, but she does not understand the details or why, perhaps indicating the fey forest or the dark skies as causes. Moreover, she makes another drawing to reveal that she burned the hag zombies in episode 190. When Throden asks why she remained hidden, she seems to become self-conscious of their meeting and brakes it off, giving a short goodbye and leaving for the deeper forest. Throden returns to Haven.

Clover rescues HenriettaEdit

The brunt of the attack has damaged Henrietta's bakery. Fire fighters, Melody, Riland and Clover dig through the rubble of the building, and Clover spots his missing mother under heavy beams, and she is dug out. Afterward, the Mousefolk hobbles across town, using Inspiring Leader to guide people's rescue efforts.

Votek gets a burn noticeEdit

During the commotion after the battle, Irpaks has wandered off, and Votek the Tiefling has appeared in town. He tries to eavesdrop on a heated conversation between Silo, Laura-Leena and Vrath, who are walking to the town hall. Vrath believes the attack on Tode is related to the attack on Haven. Votek then trips up, rousing the suspicion of Silo. She probes him, but Votek walks off, yet he still casts Detect Thoughts on Laura-Leena. She wonders about her attacker, about Tode, and about a place called Westphalia191. While Votek lingers, he notices that Silo loses a slip of paper. After they have gone into the town hall, he gathers it and sees it is a profile of a person Silo is looking for, possibly named Pasirk. Votek then wanders into the woods and returns to town as Irpaks. A few hours pass as the town calms down.

The town meetsEdit

Clover buys ales for himself and Raquel, and tries persuading her to convince his mothers to let him travel with her sooner rather than later. At this moment, Henrietta catches him drinking alcohol, and freaks out. Clover pitches his plans to her, and it does not go well. They are interrupted by the town meeting, and agree to discuss the matter the following morning.

During the meeting, Laura-Leena announces that the new enemy of Haven and their motives remain unknown, though the attack was planned and precise, and seemingly also destroyed Tode, while also targeting herself specifically. Silo then asks everybody to report anything suspicious to her. She also announces that repairs will begin the next day, before leaving the stage.

The townsfolk reports that the attackers screamed battle cries hailing the True God, and that they seemed crazed. Laura-Leena hears everybody out before announcing that a search party for Tode is to be formed the next morning.

Consequences dawn on FanelEdit

While the town meets, Fanel and Riland help NPCs#Smuckers tend to the wounded, and the monk makes good use of his training in medicine, acupuncture and pressure points from the Sun and Branches Order. Fanel intends to teach Dawn about the basics of healing, so he remembers to check on her. He races to the cart, but Dawn and Patricia, the giant elk, are nowhere in sight.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sean, "Also, one second! Your dead-body summoning ass, with mushrooms growing on you, has a love arc? Please, go on. I'm really curious who this special lady is that grounds you."

Lauren, "You're ruining the immersion, Jee-zaaz!!"

Stephanie, "Matt killed the baby this time!"

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