Episode description:
Ah! Fire!

Opening Quote:
"Come on down to party town! - Kyle
"Oh. I'm comin." - Sean

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. I'm Lauren, your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Irpaks-oh-Kyle who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "Now I'd like to digress from my prepared remarks to discuss how I invented the terlet."

Lauren, "We have Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "As he finished his final waffle, the Wood Elf made an announcement to the party: 'I decided to change my name,' he told the Halflings. 'I am now officially Eggolas.'"

Lauren, "(laughs) That's pretty good, it's stupid. Matt, who plays Fanel."

Kyle, "(laugh-coughs) He killed me."

Matt, "What is a monks favorite beverage? Kara-tea!"

Lauren, "Boo. Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "I take a whiskey drink, I take a chocolate drink! And when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink!"

Lauren, "And Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Last one to the boat!"

Episode SummaryEdit

The adventurers, including Dawn riding on Patricia, have reached Haven, Clover's home, and find it set aflame and under attack by enemy soldiers and a Stone Giant who is operating a catapult. Surprisingly, Humans and Lizardfolk are attacking side by side.

The Haven DefenseEdit

Before the party can rush to the defense of the town, an unknown Lizardfolk sprints past them, wild shaping into an Ankylosaurus and charging the attackers. In the distance, an unknown armored and helmed man is attacking Laura-Leena Var-Ragnall.

Throden indentifies the Lizardfolk as members of the Blue Tongue Clan, which is the clan that attacked his tribe in the past, also allied with other humanoids. He charges into battle, exploding the ground under the clan fighters, raising their bodies as mycelial zombies, and biting into anyone still standing.

Right behind him is Clover, hurling devastating Fireballs at the attackers, blowing apart their formation and torching the catapult. He also grants Raquel a firey Dragon's Breath, which she uses along with her rapier.

Fanel unleashes multiple flurries of blows among the attackers, before he focuses down the Stone Giant and ultimately drops him. Only Irpaks cannot do much with his crossbow and walking stick.

Meanwhile, Laura-Leena seems to be on the loosing end against the towering armored man, and Raquel rushes to her aid, but the Genasi is rebuffed by an unseen barrier. The man produces a magic wand from which purple tendrils sprout, wrapping around Laura-Leena's hand, and she screams in pain. At this moment, Vrath emerges from the forest, having just returned from Tode's destroyed home192, with the Havenguard members Riland, Salomon Than and Hibiscus Tortle in tow. She hurls spells at the man, who finds himself outnumbered, and tries to abduct Laura-Leena through a portal. The girl however cuts through the tentacles with her dagger, frees herself, and the man escapes.

Haven stands defended once more. Vrath is still distraught, telling Laura-Leena of the events at Tode's home. Meanwhile Clover finds his mom Melody at the city walls and they reunite. Fire bells ring in town, and they rush on to help put out the flames. Outside the gates, Riland approaches Fanel gives him his respects and thanks him for fighting well in the battle.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Irpaks, "It's a good thing you keep all that bat poop in your pocket!"

Stephanie, "Miss 'I-don't-roll-that-well', right? Fuck off."

Kyle, "Surprisingly, the weird mushrooms zombies are our friends."


  • Dawn is present for the most recent battle of Haven, but she is neither seen nor heard from, and neither is Patricia, Clover's giant elk she is riding on190.
  • This episode is the first in-person appearance of Laura-Lena Var-Ragnall.
  • The purple tendrils that snatched Laura-Leena are very similar to the tendrils that snatched at her father before he was captured191.

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