Episode description:
Apologies for the delay, and some minor technical challenges with Lauren's mic this week.

Opening Quote:
"Go away, robot!" - Lauren

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. My name is Lauren and I am your dungeon master, and with me tonight I have Sean, who is reprising his role of Vrath."

Sean, "Cool-cool-tight-tight!"

Lauren, "Matt, who are you playing?"

Matt, "I'm playing as a character named Salomon."

Lauren, "Delightful. And Kyle, who are you playing?"

Kyle, "I Hibiscus Tortle. I pick things up. I put them down."

Episode SummaryEdit

An interlude in season fiveEdit

This episode and episode 191 of the Tabletop Champions podcast make up an interlude in the story of season five. The events in this interlude canonically happen immediately before the beginning of episode 193.


Irulan has been shrouded in darkness for a few days. In the village of Haven, Salomon Than and Hibiscus Tortle have missed their shift in the Havenguard. Now the captain of the guard, Riland, and Vrath have decided to teach them a lesson about duty.

Salomon and Hibiscus are charged with a potentially deadly quest: to fetch three ingredients which are necessary to brew a medicine for Tode, the mushroom dragon, who lies ill. Vrath will both oversee and advise them.

In truth, the quest is a sham and a joke at the expense of the careless guardspeople. Tode is not really ill, and Vrath does not care about the ingredients. Once she has informed the poor duo of this and reiterated that they should not let the guard down, they allowed to return to Haven.

While Salomon and Hibiscus still discuss the merit of the lesson, they suddenly hear a loud, crackling boom, from somewhere in the forest. Vrath understands the sound came from Tode's lair, and immediately teleports everybody to the source of the boom.

They find Tode's home destroyed by a massive explosion. The surrounding forest is burning, and the mushroom dragon is nowhere in sight. A moment later, they can hear the sound of drums approaching Haven in the distance. Vrath leads the group back to Haven, and they find it surrounded by a large host of foreign troops, and a massive creature setting up a catapult for an assault on the settlement.

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