Episode description:
Can the party really hold its liquor?

Opening Quote:
"Get out of my zooone!" - Kyle

Player introduction:
Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions, I'm Lauren your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Why did the water elemental dash at the vampire? Vampires are horrified by running water!"

Lauren, "(laughs) I hate you. That's good. Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Oh, shit aaah-aah er-just have fun for once."

Lauren, "Stephanie, who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Ah, beer. The cause and solution to all life's problems."

Lauren, "Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "Dear Mr. President. There are too many states nowadays. Please eliminate three. P.S.: I am not a crackpot."

Lauren, "And Matt, who plays Fanel."

Matt, "The wise warrior avoids the battle."

Episode SummaryEdit

We rejoin the party deep in the lair of two hags, who lay dead at their feet. Raquel loots their corpses and pockets a small, red, crystallized stone which thrums with arcane energy at her touch. Clover searches the lair and notices an old summoning circle which has apparently seen use, but not recently. He makes a sketch in his book. Throden sprouts mycelial tendrils which grow into the hags' corpses, and the dead hags stand up and follow him around. The group leaves after Clover reports sensing a magical ping from the Alarm spell he has cast on the door at the hags' cabin.

When they return to the clearing, the cabin has vanished and the forest already seems to recover from the hags' malice. However, the young girl and Chubbs the boar have remained. She does not understand what has happened, and Clover and Fanel do not doubt her. Clover speaks with Chubbs, but the boar did not witness anything either.

The group is now stumped about what to do. Irpaks asks the girl if she is a hag, but she thinks she is not. He whacks her with his cane, which makes her cry, but nothing else. Fanel is not pleased with this, and gets also whacked when he pipes up.

Clover invites the girl back to the Khul Tavern and she wants to go. Luckily she does not recognize the mycelial zombies as her former granny and aunty. Clover also messages his mom Henrietta about his safety and announces his return to her. She freaks out on the other end, but Clover cannot respond to her, as his arcane powers are spent for the day.

Back at the Khul Tavern Edit

The group travels back to the small village; and gathers a crowd of worried townsfolk around them when they enter town with three mycelial zombies and a little girl in tow. Lacey is called to them, and she wants to know what the ordeal is about. Clover and Irpaks persuade her that Throden is no cause for alarm and that the hags are dealt with. Lacey is not pleased, but surpresses her anger, however she insists that the zombies must stay in her barn.

Lacey then invites the town to celebrate at her inn and play in the "King of the Bar" competition. Every player must stand on the platform in the common room and hold on to their drink while trying to steal the drinks of other players. Lacey however advances the game through several phases and each time raises the platform or makes it come apart into smaller platforms.

Meanwhile Clover is very worried about returning to Haven, fearing that his parents won't let him leave again. He has taken a liking to Raquel, and asks her to help convince his mothers that she needs him by her side on further adventures. He offers to squire for her in exchange. Raquel is willing to agree, but only if he helps her find a secret object. He is enthusiastic about it, they make a deal, and vow each other to secrecy.

The party all want to join in the King of the Bar competition, but in the end, only Clover can hold his liquor.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Henrietta, "(screeching) Clover?! Oh! Oh! Are you okay? Honey! Honey I hear Clover in my head where are you your mother and I are worried sick about you Lena and-"
Clover, "Uh–well I can't respond back, I'm out of third level spell slots."


  • The player characters are now level six.
  • This is the first appearance of Henrietta, one of Clover's mothers.
  • Kyle briefly considers charming the girl to calm her down, which in fact he did187 and forgot.

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