Episode Description: KIT!

"You piece of shit! I trusted you!" - Clover

Lauren, "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions. I'm Lauren, your Dungeon Master, and with me tonight we have: Sean, who plays Clover."

Sean, "Oh! Oh no no no no no no no no. Ahm uhm humans are climable!"

Lauren, "Stephee who plays Raquel."

Stephanie, "Actually son, a woman is more lika a beer. They smell good, they look good and you'd step over your own mother just to get one!"

Lauren, "Matt who plays Fanel."

Matt, "Uuuh crap I forgot my quote."

Lauren, "Delightful. Ben, who plays Throden."

Ben, "Why are Marilith such fearsome opponents? They're always well armed."

Lauren, "Ben (laughs). And Kyle, who plays Irpaks."

Kyle, "Baah! This is just another cooked up Hallmark holiday to sell cards!"

Episode SummaryEdit

Clover has just completed his ritual to Identify the silver disc he found in the hags' den and has a hunch to toss it into the air. It circles around the room before it returns to his hand. He then checks the surroundings of the hut for any leads on where the hags might have fled to. Outside, the disc flies off towards the trees, indicating a direction, before returning. He informs the others of this.

Throden thinks the disc might lead them into a trap. Irpaks wants to follow it anyway, and Fanel inists they find a solution for the little girl who is hiding upstairs. She has calmed down, but is still in shock.

After some debate, Throden tells her to stay at the hut until their return. Clover leaves a magical Alarm on the door that will inform him if it is disturbed. The group then wander into the woods again, leaving their cart and horses behind, as the forest is too dense to use them further.

In the hags' lairEdit

They soon find that the dark forest seems to be dying around them, strange mushrooms are sprouting up, and an eerie silence falls. The disc leads them to a giant, slowly dying oak. Clover investigates it and finds a weird knot. When Irpaks clumsily pokes it with his walking stick, a cavity opens itself and he almost drops in. Inside, a flight of rickety stairs leads into pitch blackness.

Throden casts Darkvision on himself and Raquel, and Clover huddles up to Irpaks who has cast Light on his stick. They descend the staircase and Fanel scouts ahead of them, using his darkvision. After climbing down into the chasm, he notices a faint green glow and the chanting of elder female voices.

At this point, the group stops to debate their next step. Irpaks and Raquel want to slay the hags, but Fanel thinks all life is precious and worth saving, despite his in-depth knowledge about the vileness of hags. Irpaks insists their whole reason for being there is that the hags have proven their harmful intent and won't listen to reasoning.

While the debate is not moving, the chanting has died. Clover tosses the silver disc up once again, and it slams a night hag in the face who hides in the dark, in spitting distance from them. She immediately attacks.

The fight with the terrible hag is a pitched battle. Irpaks is making good use of his crossbow, and Raquel finds her groove after some trouble and attacks with her rapier. Clover loads Jerry the badger with dragon breath, and together they are the biggest threat, along with Fanel and Throden. The monk is blasting the hag with radiant bolts, and Throden is puffing spores from his symbiotic entity into the air. Jerry eventually dies to a lightning bolt, and Throden is repeatedly held, while Fanel, Clover and Raquel are banished into a black void.

A male voice is adressing them in the void, toying with their fears. Fanel returns quickly again, but Raquel and Clover see a bright light in the distance and float towards it. It reminds them of the dream they experienced in episode 185.

Meanwhile one hag has succumbed to Fanel's relentless attacks. Her sister screams in mad terror, but a bolt from Irpak's crossbow hits her full force and sends her reeling. Throden uses the moment and runs at the second hag, smashing her with his Shillelagh and she crumbles to the ground. With the second hag destroyed, Clover and Raquel return, hearing the eerie voice cursing as they leave the void.

Clover celebrates their victory enthusiastically, while Throden licks the corpse of a hag. He learns that she tastes much different from the purple ichor he found on his zombie in the episode prior.

Memorable quotesEdit

Clover, "I was raised in a household of respect and to, you know, show respect to my elders."
Raquel, "Elders."

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