Episode description:
Prison turns the party hard.

Opening Quote:
Sean: Nope, you do it in the butt with vaseline.

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Shun your sh - shun?  I'm Shun. We're going with it.

Matt: I'm proud of you, Sean.

Sean: I'm Sean, your dungeon master, and with me tonight we have Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: I am always here. No matter what you think.

Sean: Lauren who plays Dagna...

Lauren: Why are cooks great at making engaging characters? Because they reflavor everything.

Matt: Aghhhhh.

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus. They can't all be winners. Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Hi.

Lauren: Yesss.

Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Greetings.

Sean: And Stephanie who plays Boone.

Stephanie: I'm blue, a ba dee a ba die.

Matt (singing): A ba dee, a ba die...

Kyle: I just wanna say that I have behind the scenes worked tirelessly and spent many hours to try and get a soundboard to work that still doesn't work, just so that I can do real-time judging of Lauren's puns, and it's - it disappoints me still that I can't do a *booboopaboooo, buuaaaa*

Sean: You also need an applause one.

Kyle: I agree. I agree. And I -

Sean: For some.

Lauren: I will have them til you're done.

Kyle: Yes. Well, as everyone else on the podcast can attest, I have had many failed attempts at to getting a sound - soundboard to work.

Sean: I'm gonna put that on the Season 5 checklist.

Kyle: Okay.

Lauren: Soundbites.

Kyle: Well, maybe next time.

Episode SummaryEdit

  • With a massive fire in the city, most of the party decides they can't, shouldn't, or don't want to help. Dagna storms off to help by herself. Cam's upset she's not asking them to help with her, and then proceeds to still not help. Dagna rescues a few people on the flying carpet.
  • The rest of the party goes to the temple of Sehanine. The temple appears unbearably bright to Cyrus, and the steps burn him. The priest makes them wait until he's done with triage, and Cyrus talks to a little girl, who gives him an origami swan. The priest tells Cyrus he can't help, but that the Order of the Bloodfern on the Scarlet Coast Forest might. He says there is a great evil demon inside him, but also an almost imperceptible good fighting for him.
  • The party returns to the house for lunch. Emissaries of House Ranier come calling for a Lord Leopold on behalf of House Macwell and Cam hides. They camp outside the house, and Jarvis says he can delay them for two days. The party spends the night, but Cam sleeps in a secret passage that leads out of the house. Cyrus paints, feels a comforting presence, and hears a voice say, "I am still here. Seek out those of good. Seek out the druids." The episode ends with people coming up the passage where Cam is sleeping.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kyle: "Sean, I think you only build beautiful, masterful, detailed worlds so that you can set them on fire."

Cyrus: "What's her problem?"
Boone: "You're kind of an ass."
Cyrus: "And you're not?"
Boone: "Didn't argue that."

Priest: "I know a place that you might find answers."
Cyrus: "Where is that?"
Sean: "The Tabletop Champions wikipedia...?"

Sean: "Four hundred and seventy-two nautical miles!"
Kyle: "That's the scale or the distance between these two locations?"
Sean: "I don't know how nautical miles work."


  • In a conversation about travel distances, Sean makes a callback to season one, when everything was measured in nautical miles.

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