Episode description:
Sean finally did it. Got us to surrender.

Opening Quote:
Matt: "What's it like in Kyle's brain?"

Player introduction:
Sean: "Hello and welcome to another episode of the Tabletop Champions Podcast! I am Sean, your Dungeon Master, and with me tonight we have Lauren who plays Dagna..."

Lauren: "Uh... I lost my opening quote, but... hi guys!"

Sean: "Stephanie who plays Boone..."

Stephanie: "Uh... I'm blue."

Sean: "da ba dee da ba daa? Ah... Matt who plays Cyrus..."

Matt: "Look into my eye,"

Sean: "Kyle who plays Cam..."

Kyle: "Craig never sleeps!"

(Lots of laughing)

Lauren: (laughing) "I hate you so much!"

Sean: "Craig is like an evil thing to us..."

Stephanie: "I just spit like my soda all over everywhere, Kyle! I like barely missed my computer! Oh my gosh... I need to go get a towel."

(More laughing)

Lauren: "Oh no... oh... this is it. This is our night."

Sean: "And Ben who plays Kallas..."

Ben: "Greetings."

Sean: "You guys are in rare form to start out with tonight."

Lauren: "We have to get through the whole fucking thing, guys!"

Stephanie: "It's all over!"

Sean: "Oh God, it's everywhere!"

Lauren: "Oh noooooooo!"

Kyle: "The humanity!"

Lauren: "I quit! I'm done! I don't want to do this anymore!"

Episode SummaryEdit

Our heroes still find themselves "locked up" in the dungeons of Ebreosea as episode 162 begins. Boone has just returned from dressing in her prison garb, looking sad and defeated. She put up a mighty fight to stay in her own clothing, and now the party sees why: she bears a scar of a near decapitation that looks to be constructed of snake scales. Add to this that her entire body is blue and she bears a large tattoo on part of her face, Boone fears that she looks less like herself all the time.

The party has little time to reflect on this, however, as soon they witness a new prisoner, an elf by the looks of him, being escorted into the jail cell directly across from them. A few moments after the guards leave, the new prisoner seems to teleport into the party's cell and begin to attack. Despite being taken off guard, the newcomer is quickly overwhelmed and finds itself bleeding out on the floor as a concerned group of guards comes running up.

After a brief time debating what, if anything, they can do for themselves in their current situation, the party find themselves being addressed by a beautiful elvish woman finely adorned in sage green robes. "I do apologize," she says to them, "please come with me." And with a wave of her hand, their cell is unlocked and their equipment is returned. Soon they find themselves aboard a beautiful carriage riding through the city as the woman, Her Highness Mink Alta, Queen of Ebreosea, explains that Trebeck contacted her to inform her of Dagna and company's arrival. The letter proving their story and Cin Amon's pact with the drow was found concealed in Dagna's bagpipes and she rushed to personally see to the party's release.

During the conversation, Queen Alta accidentally reveals something that she didn't know was being kept secret: Cam's real identity. Addressing him as "Master Macwell" shocks everyone present, knowing the Macwell's to be the most powerful of Jildos' noble families. Cam has never breathed a word of this to anyone in the party, except Boone, who is also from Jildos and traveling under an assumed identity. She apologizes covertly to Cam as she announces that they have arrived.

Perched on what looks to be a gigantic seashell embedded into the cliffside above the city, the party is delivered to a private mansion that has been reserved for their exclusive accommodation for as long as they wish to stay, including their own airship. Their private concierge, Jarvis, comes from the mansion to introduce himself, and soon finds himself fetching Cam a turkey, bacon and swiss sandwich.

All seems to have turned out well for our adventurers, but in the final moments of the episode, tragedy strikes. A massive airship, a trading vessel, slams into a collection of buildings down in the city sending up a massive fireball and setting many additional buildings alight.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sean: "Man! You guys aren't fucking around!"

Matt: "We're in jail, it makes you hard!"

Sean: "Your first prison scrap... I'm so proud of you. Alright... ain't no one selling you guys for toilet wine."

Sean: This is a beautiful place for PVP.


  • This episode introduces the new NPCs Mink Alta and Jarvis.

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