Episode description:
We've all got baggage...some of us have more then others

Opening Quote:
Kyle: I cut like three penis jokes from this episode out.

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight I have Lauren who plays Dagna...

Lauren: My party just easily took out a honey wine filled orange ooze. It was a meady-ochre jelly.

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Look into my eye.

Sean: Ah, Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Greetings.

Sean: Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: Howdy partner!

Sean: And Stephanie who plays Boone.

Lauren: Craig!

Sean: It's Craig! Craig's back guys!

Lauren: Craig!

Stephanie: Uh, I'm blue, if I was green I would die.

Lauren: Yes!

Sean: Oh, that was really good. Did someone send that to you, cause that's really good.

Stephanie: No, I looked up what the actual lyrics are, and -

Ben: Those aren't the actual lyrics.

Stephanie: No I know, I was curious if there were actual lyrics, and that's what people mishear it as, which, okay, sure.

Ben: Yeah.

Stephanie: So I'm gonna take that.

Episode SummaryEdit

  • The episode opens in House Macwell, in Jildos. The head of House Macwell talks to his wife about his worries of a coming war and his missing heir, who is off on some quest for self-reflection after an incident with his brother, implied dead. The heir is named Leopold.
  • Cam dreams he's beaten and bruised on a battlefield. Instead of himself, he seems to be his brother, Gregor Macwell, who he dislikes. He has been captured by the forces of Cin Amon, and an enemy officer tells him the army he commands has been defeated, so now he will be executed. Cam fights back, and the guard captain's eyes turn violet. Cam wakes up, remembering that he heard his brother was executed at this battle without a fight.
  • The party eats breakfast, and Kallas borrows Cam's bag of holding to do something secret for Brenna. The rest of the party goes to the market and buys healing potions. Boone buys a mystery potion that's black on top and gold on the bottom. Cyrus buys a Goat of Terror, and feels a scream inside of him, like something has been thwarted, and now a different presence has taken hold of his mind. He feels less angry now.
  • Kallas goes to the ruins where Brenna talked to her ancestors, sets up her things for the ritual, and tries to contact her ancestors. Instead, he hears Brenna begging him to save her. A pixie called Amaranth comes to help him. She gives him a small piece of her wing, which enables him to use Featherfall once at will.
  • The party heads to Ebreosea via teleportation circle, leaving each member with 3 trips left. The goblin sending them says he got in trouble earlier for letting Cadran through with something evil. The Ebreosea customs officer finds Cyrus's evil painting and takes note of his name. He says war is brewing because Zenith Othos has gone missing in Silver Strings. When Dagna says she has news about him, the party gets arrested. One by one they're forced to change into prison clothes, which reveal Cyrus's deserter tattoo and Boone's throat, to be described next episode.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Boone: If it included Brenna, like, shouldn't you include us?
Kallas: Well, this is something she had not shared with you, and I would be uncomfortable sharing it with you for her, so.
Boone: We were basically married.

Ben: I've had characters who are very prone to falling, so this is comforting to me.

Sean: Am I finally gonna get to arrest you guys?!
Ben: Yeah, cause you did it with like 30 people

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