Episode description:
I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da ba daa, da be dee da be dea

Opening Quote:
I'm Blue – da ba dee da ba die, da ba dee da ba die, da ba dee...

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have... uh... Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: Hi, I'm Craig.

Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Greetings.

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Bork bork bork.

Lauren: What?!

Sean: Stephanie who plays Boone...

Stephanie: Hi I'm Craig.

Sean: And that's it. Hi Lauren.

Lauren (singing): Hello darkness my old friend... Hey Sean.

Episode SummaryEdit

  • The episode opens with the party standing over the body of Brenna, and Boone unconscious. Kallas asks Cam to help, but Cam says he can't do anything. Cyrus says she might not be resurrectable at all because her soul was pulled out. Cam also can't get Boone conscious. They hear explosions in the distance, and pieces of the cavern ceiling start to fall. They put Brenna in the bag of holding and Boone on the carpet. They see the battle turning in favor of Silver Strings. As they go around the back of the house containing the information they're after, they're approached by the human bard Dagna O'Leeroy. Trebeck had sent her to the SSSF in case they got into trouble. Dagna heals Boone, who is told of Brenna's death. Around the back of the house they find a drow child, and tell him to hide in another house. The cavern continues to collapse, and Cam casts message and tells him to seek daylight.
  • They break into the house and find seven drow corpses. Six of the corpses have no arms, and the seventh, in the center, has the arms sewn onto it, with its head replaced with that of an elf. They also find an altar that has been modified like all the other symbols of Lolth they've seen. Dagna finds a letter and an amulet. The letter is addressed to Beralin, and it outlines a deal between the drow and Cin Amon. The drow will be allowed to rule the Underdark with impunity and attack anywhere outside of Cin Amon, and take back Ebreosea. The drow will also kill a high noble (Zenith Othos) from Ebreosea for 200,000 gold. The letter is from Sir Maxwell Wellington, a high-ranking knight in Cin Amon who was sent as an emissary to Silver Strings. The cavern is collapsing, so they set the house on fire and leave. Cam leads them out, guided by the drow child. As they make their way back to Silver Strings, the mountain collapses behind them.
  • They take the drow child to the orphanage and go see Trebeck. The amulet Dagna took appears to stop time for 6 seconds. They show Trebeck the letter. The plan outlined by it seems to be designed to start a war between Ebreosea and Cin Amon. They learn it's enchanted to self-destruct in a few days, and Trebeck says he will send it to Ebreosea with Cadran, who is the only one with the connections to get it seen in time. Dagna vehemently protests, saying that Cadran is the worst, has threatened her twice, and praises Asmodeus. Trebeck says Dagna can take it as an alternative.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Cyrus: We are at least going to take her body with us, right? She doesn't deserve to be left here.
Kallas: Yes, of course. Wait, you're talking about Brenna, right? Obviously - Boone - we're not leaving her either.
Stephanie: Please fucking take me!

Cam: I don't feel good saying what I'm about to say out loud.
Kallas: Yes?
Cam: I can put Brenna in my bag of holding.


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