Episode description:
Still ridin' that carpet.

Opening Quote:
Lauren (singing): Super secret strike force!

Matt: Super strike force!

Ben (singing): Super strecret strike force!

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon master and with me tonight we have Steph who plays Boone...

Stephanie: Uh, Howdy.

Sean: We have Lauren who plays Brenna...

Lauren: What do beholders use to make their lairs structurally sound? I-beams!

Matt: Boooooooo.

Sean: We have Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Good evening.

Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Look into my eye.

Sean: And Kyle who plays Cam.

Kyle: Stop crampin' on my style. Howdy.

Sean: I just realized we have - we have two - two names that start with B and three names that start with C. There's no way that's gonna get confusing with anything.

Kyle: Uh, one of them starts with a K.

Ben: Yeah. Yeah Sean.

Sean: Okay.

Lauren: Yeah.

Sean: *stuttering* Is it a hard K? Or is there a soft K? I don't know

Lauren: It's the soft- it's a soft K.

Kyle: I did soft K in college once, I didn't really like it.

Sean: Soft K in -

Episode SummaryEdit

  • The episode opens with a scene of an old man dying surrounded by his family. His ghost is captured and kept in a web along with thousands of other souls. Another spider thread connects to the party.
  • Brenna, Kallas, and Cam have fun on the flying carpet. Boone gives Cyrus a pep talk, convincing him to go to Jildos for help. The party heads to the entrance of the drow city, but need to cross the druid forest to do so. They find it has been warded against them, so they need to fly above it on the carpet. They can all fit on the carpet, but everyone's weapons and armor would have to go in the Bag of Holding. Boone isn't comfortable with that, so they take two trips.
  • They set up the cabin in a hidden spot. The back door now says "CAM" in even bigger letters. Cyrus proposes they go to Jildos after this; Cam refuses. Cyrus says his father might kill him on sight. Cam says if he goes he will probably die, also to do with his dad. Cam still refuses to go into the backyard, and Ghost Butler can be heard sobbing in the wall.
  • Ghost Butler emerges with dinner, and is kidnapped through the wall by a spider silk thread. Cam hacks through the wall, but encounters a magical void barrier. Nothing else happens, but Ghost Butler does not return.
  • Kallas leads the party into the drow city and sets off a trap, alerting some duergar. They fight a duergar in a mech, set off more traps and foil some others, and eventually go down a river. Kallas is struck by a dagger and falls unconscious, then is healed by Cam. The duergar who threw the dagger disappeared, and the party continues across the river. Kallas claims the dagger that hit him, which is not cursed this time, but does have some psychic poison on it. The episode ends with them looking down on the drow city, hearing the sounds of battle.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Brenna: Raise your hand if you have daddy issues!
Kyle: Cam raises his hand again.
Matt: Cyrus raises his hand.
Stephanie: Boone raises her hand.

Sean: You noticed when you stepped on a line. You felt it, like, give under your feet.
Ben: That is a 13 deception check!
Lauren: Brenna doesn't care, she believes you.
Matt: I believe your bullshit with a 12.


  • Kallas sets off the first trap by rolling an 8 on investigation checking for traps, and then a nat 1 on a dexterity saving throw to avoid falling rocks. He then rolls a successful deception check to convince the party that he didn't set off any trap, the ceiling just collapsed on him.
  • Cam uses the spell Inflict Wounds, which is available to clerics and oathbreaker paladins, but not to sorcerers, as Cam claims to be.

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