Episode description:
This week the crew finally has a name.

Opening Quote:
Sean: *incomprehensible breathy syllables*

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dungeon maths - mathster - I'm a math dude - and with me tonight is Kyle who plays Cam...

Kyle: Howdy.

Sean: Matt who plays Kallas, or Matt who plays Cyrus...

Matt: Howdy.

Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...

Ben: Howdy.

Sean: Stephanie who plays Boone...

Stephanie: Howdy.

Sean: And Lauren who plays, ah, Brenna.

Lauren: Howdy!

Sean: Hey guys! That was a shitshow of an intro.

Matt: Yeah.

Sean: Mostly my fault, but you know, whatever.

Kyle: Ah, it was all good on my end.

Episode SummaryEdit

  • Brenna talks to her ancestors, and witnesses the story of one of them, Young Leon. He was murdered by a female drow with one eye. Brenna promises to avenge him.
  • Cam is walking through town and is recognized by a soldier from Jildos as also being from there. Trebeck announces that the drow are going to attack Silver Strings, and proposes a plan to attack the drow city first. He asks very pointedly for a super secret strike force composed of non-townspeople, and the party goes to see him. On the way they meet Cadran, who says he has information that can help Cyrus, and that they should see Trebeck. Trebeck gives them a writ from Cadran to see Dracon, a high cleric in Jildos who supposedly knows of Cyrus's condition. Cyrus says it is useless because he was exiled Jildos, but Cadran believes Dracon is the only one who can help, and the writ would override Cyrus's exile for this visit. In return for their services, Trebeck also offers 1500 gold and a magic item.
  • The plan is to sneak into the city through a small, secret entrance while Silver Strings is attacking openly, and find written proof that Cin Amon hired the drow to attack, as Trebeck and others overheard at the drow meeting. Without this proof, Silver Strings would be unable to stand against Cin Amon and remain independent. The party agrees, and Cam asks to get the magic item before they go, to help them on their mission. Trebeck agrees, and the party goes to the magic shop and obtains a discounted Carpet of Flying.
  • Cyrus offers portraits in the local tavern, but the second one features the person with a slit throat. The party tries out the flying carpet, Kallas achieving a childhood dream.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Stephanie: I am drinking my tea and watching Cyrus.
Matt: You see a very sad man.

Cam: I vote person-cursed-by-demon doesn't get magic item until they're cured!

Shopkeeper: Are we here to do business or are we here to fuck spiders?

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