Episode description:
So hard to find a good magical cleric in network.

Opening Quote:
Lauren: Is this what vore is?

Player introduction:
Sean: Hello and welcome to another episode of the tabletop champions podcast, I'm Sean your dun- your d-
Kyle: Your dad. I'm Sean, your dad.
Sean: Sean your dad, and with me tonight we have Lauren who plays Brenna...
Lauren: What do you call a penal colony on the astral plane? Astralia!
Sean: "Penal." Stephanie who plays Boone...
Lauren: That's what it's called!
Sean: Stephanie who plays Boone...
Stephanie: Ahoy-hoy.
Sean: Matt who plays Cyrus...
Matt: Look into my eye.
Sean: Ben who plays Kallas...
Ben: Eh, greetings.
Sean: And Kyle who plays Cam.
Kyle: Howdy!
Sean: Hey guys!
Chorus: Hi Sean!
Sean: We all cool with that opening, or?
Kyle: No, we're good.
Stephanie: It's a mess.
Kyle: I think it's - I think we can just put that in, no edits necessary, good to go.
Sean: Yep, let's make it happen.

Episode SummaryEdit

The party returns to Silver Strings with their drow captive. Kallas, Brenna, and Boone go to deliver the drow and find Trebeck arguing with Kibs, refusing to believe that the party had killed Zenith Othos. They talk, and Trebeck reveals that shortly after the party left, adventurers from Silver Strings discovered a pile of bodies outside the town, which led them to a group of drow who claimed to have killed Zenith Othos, and were planning on attacking the deep gnome city of Svirfneblin. Kallas agrees to question the drow for information, and gets paid.

Meanwhile, Cam and Cyrus returned to the cabin, which now has unique beds for every person (except Cam) and a bigger back door with "CAM" written on it. Cam asks the Ghost Butler's name, which is a high-pitched keening noise. The rest of the party returns, and they decide to threaten the drow with binding her soul to Cyrus's male evil god for eternity to make her talk. As they execute the plan, Cyrus's eye turns white, his mouth opens impossibly wide, and a shadowy arm with sand swirling around it reaches out of his mouth, caresses the drow's face, and withdraws. The drow is shaken but doesn't talk, so Cyrus attempts to be intimidating, but the arm returns and snaps the drow's neck.

Cyrus faints, and Boone casts divine sense, learning that there is a ultimate, pure, good (a celestial) behind Cyrus's uncovered eye. It's likely there's corresponding evil under the eye patch (divine sense doesn't work through cover), but Boone refuses to lift the patch to find out. They decide to take Cyrus to Jet, who is in a gypsy camp to the north, doing something with tarot cards with Little One. Jet determines that Cyrus isn't cursed, then rushes off to burn the drow's body. The party questions Cyrus, who says that he was exiled from his home, and that's when the problems started. Jet returns, looks under Cyrus's patch, and says there are a couple of things inside him, but she can't help.

Cyrus, Cam, and Boone go drinking, and Kallas accompanies Brenna to talk to her ancestors. Kallas tells Brenna about his dream. Brenna summons the spirits of her ancestors in the local temple, and the episode ends with the ancestors staring silently at Brenna and Kallas.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sean (mocking Cyrus): It's not very nice of you to notice how fucked up my life is, Kallas.

Ben (whispering): His other eye is covered, with the eye patch
Boone: I know. I'm not lifting that shit.

Kallas: Perhaps we should try sticking your halberd into a fire while it is in your hands. It worked with the dagger.
Cyrus: Absolutely not. This is a family heirloom.
Kallas: See, he does not want to get rid of this either.


  • Cyrus's demon arm snapping the drow's neck was a result of Matt rolling a nat 1 on his intimidation check.
  • No one, including the DM, can remember Zenith Othos's name.

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